About the Guild

The tavern business known as "The Wyrm's Rest" welcomes weary travelers to gather around and share tales of their adventures next to a warm hearth with a tankard in hand.  We have locations in cities such as Wayrest, Rawl'kha, Riften, Mournhold, and Skywatch.  And as business continues to grow, you might just find one of our taverns opening near you!  After all, people from all corners of Tamriel have a story to tell. 

But you see, we're not just in the business of hospitality.  Storytelling is a trade of its very own!

Roleplay is the primary focus of our guild.  But while others center themselves around a general theme of sorts, we take a more "storybook" approach to ensure we have variety available to fit most playstyles and experience levels.  We want our members to experience the stories that come through The Wyrm's Rest taverns firsthand.  As such, our Creative Team works diligently to accommodate different character themes and concepts in a series of episodic and lore-friendly plotlines ranging from the current events of this year's chapter, to sailing the seas upon a pirate ship, and more!


In addition to roleplay, we host group content events at least twice a week in a workshop type manner to help ease our members into higher difficulty PvE content.  We have options available for normal and veteran dungeons, arenas, and overworld PvE.  Our guild is allied with the Ebonheart Pact OOCLY and once every other week, we organize groups for Cyrodiil and Imperial City under the Pact's banner.  We also host groups for battlegrounds.  We want to make sure we have something available for everyone, regardless of whether they are a roleplayer or not.


Our guildhall is set to Nightblade.Echo's primary residence, which you can access through the guild roster.  Inside, you will find merchants and bankers, several Mundus stones, training dummies, and crafting stations--including a transmutation and dye station.  However, we also offer a variety of privately owned hubs for social roleplay, such as The Wyrm's Rest taverns!  

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