About the Guild

The Wyrm's Rest is a variety roleplay guild that is dedicated to providing its members with events that are inclusive and beginner-friendly.  We have chosen a quest-style approach to how we handle our core storylines and use our personal tavern system to encourage more organic recruitment experiences for these adventures.  No one likes "homework" before an event, so our Creative Team aims to teach different aspects of The Elder Scrolls lore by selecting a centralized theme for each "quest" as part of an effort to make our story events more accessible to everyone interested in joining roleplay.  From excavating ancient ruins to challenging evil cults, we strive to take our members on a journey they'll never forget.

In addition to roleplay, we provide assistance for players new to The Elder Scrolls Online and offer routine PvE events focused on normal dungeons and zone exploration for certain achievements.   

Our events are scheduled on select nights Monday through Saturday between 8:30PM and 12:00AM EST.   


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