Member Information

In other pages, such as Rules for Members and Recommended Addons, we cover topics that should help answer the most common questions that we're often asked by new recruits.  But there are some things that aren't so cut and dry and might need further explanation.  If this page doesn't have the answer you are looking for, contact us in our Discord server.  

"How do I join the guild or invite my friends?"

The easiest way to join the guild is by joining our Discord server.


If for whatever reason Discord is NOT an option for you, you can find us via the in-game Guild Finder under "Roleplay" guilds, or send in-game mail to a member of our team.  Once you receive the "Member" role in the guild, you will be able to invite your friends without having to ask someone else to pass an invitation along.  

If you cannot find us in Guild Finder, we have temporarily unlisted our guild due to undergoing changes in our event schedules or structure.  Guild Finder has also been known to bug out and "hide" applications.  For these reasons, we strongly encourage contact via Discord.

"What is the guild's theme for roleplay?"

We are a variety roleplay guild that explores different themes through two separate progression-focused storylines, each having a duration up to 12-weeks.  These events are presented ICLY as quests for pick-up through NPCs or player-characters that belong to a member in our Creative Team. 

More information can be found on our Roleplay page.

"Is there a faction requirement for the guild?"

The Wyrm's Rest is allied with the Ebonheart Pact, though any race and faction can join.  We are primarily a roleplay guild, and in terms of RP, the faction associated with the guild is purely OOC.  

"I'm not a roleplayer.  How would I benefit from joining?"

Again, our primary focus listed in Guild Finder is roleplay, but we do offer beginner-friendly PvE events during Monday evening to assist our members in leveling characters or unlocking certain zone achievements.  On Friday nights, some of our members join the guild Disenfranchised in fighting for the Ebonheart Pact in Cyrodiil.

Our final decision in 2022 was to focus more on roleplay and assisting beginner players than veteran level PvE or PvP due to sporadic activity within the guild.  If you are not a roleplayer, and if you are seeking groups for higher difficulty content, our guild might not be for you.

"I am new to TES lore.  Where should I start?"

Our events are structured to be beginner friendly and aim to teach lore along the way.  Our Discord also has the Dwemer Automaton bot that can pull up UESP articles (which is our preferred resource!) with the !wiki command.  In addition to this, we have channels that were specifically made to help new roleplayers or roleplayers that are new to The Elder Scrolls. 

"Can I shadow a roleplay event to gauge the environment?"

In most cases, we do allow new recruits or beginner level roleplayers shadow our events to help them learn how we carry out guild RP.  They are able to jump in at any time when they feel comfortable with doing so.  Slot reservations are still required, even if a member only plans to spectate.  Once a RP event starts, it won't be open for preview unless it is a more casual Tavern Night. Events that are not walk-up friendly or unable to take new characters for a certain day or time will also be closed for member preview completely. 

"Events are always scheduled for a time/day where I can't be available."

Currently, we factor the average availability of our active members AND our hosts, which is between the hours of 8:00PM EST and 12:00AM EST.  We try to be as accommodating as we can for everyone, but the unfortunate reality is that there is only so much we are able to do in terms of scheduling. 

"I used to be a member, but I recently found out I was removed.  Why?"

Members that have been inactive for at least 8 months without any communication are removed from the guild.  They aren't removed from our Discord just in case they do eventually return to The Elder Scrolls Online and want back in the guild.  We understand life happens, and some people only come back to ESO during major story updates during Q2 and Q4.  We leave notes on the roster so we know who we shouldn't prune, but we can't do that without that communication

If you are a former member returning to the game, you can rejoin through Guild Finder or by contacting us via Discord.

"One of the listed RP hubs was locked when I tried porting to it."

If a RP Hub is locked, one of two things happened:  either Nightblade.Echo is in the process of refurbishing that hub and forgot to publicly change its status on the website, or she goofed when configuring housing settings.  It is best to get in contact with her directly for an accurate answer.

"Is your guild name a reference to Wyrmrest Accord?"

Our name is a homage to our founding community, but we have no affiliation with Wyrmrest Accord or World of Warcraft itself.  The guild's founders are roleplay veterans well versed in both The Elder Scrolls Online and TES lore, and the majority of our original members in 2019 came from the Wyrmrest Accord server in World of Warcraft after they decided to go on a temporary hiatus or chose to retire from the game entirely. 


Guild Finder launched not long after the guild was created, and while some of the recruits that join through that system do have a history with WoW, most are other ESO players looking for a comfortable guild to socialize in.  This is still a common trend to this day!