Guild Roleplay


As of February 2022, there will be up to two active storylines for our members to enjoy.  Our progression-focused events will be presented in a quest style format to keep our promise of delivering a variety of themes for our members to enjoy.  ICLY, these "quests" will be delivered through essential NPCs or certain player-characters associated with our Creative Team.


Recruitment for these storylines will take place during designated Tavern Night events.


These storylines have a duration of up to 12-weeks with each event being divided into two categories per week: meetings/IC discussions and adventures.  These sessions will rotate week to week to better improve the general pacing of our RP events and help them become even more accessible to new roleplayers within the guild.  Event types will be appropriately labeled in our event calendar and during the sign-up period in Discord for your convenience.

Our Goals

Roleplay events hosted by The Wyrm’s Rest are meant to be inclusive and easy to follow, providing comfortable lore-friendly environments that allow the characters of our members to develop in a more organic manner.  Nobody likes having to do homework to understand what's going on, and because of this, our guild's Creative Team strives to balance OOC learning experiences with various IC opportunities in each event while using themes and settings already present in The Elder Scrolls Online to establish familiarity so even our beginners can follow along.  We want to make sure we have something for everyone, not just one set theme or playstyle.

Character Consent

By default, you accept minor character injury when you sign up for progression-focused storylines.  Combat is inevitable in these stories, but with the help of ESO Rollplay, we are able to keep things fair and balanced.  A DM will NEVER force or allow severe bodily harm, such as severed limbs or heavy scarring, or permanent character death on a player without consent.  If you have concerns, please consider including a list of what your character consents to in their Rollplay profile, or contact a GM or an officer.  For a full overview of our rules in RP settings, click here.

Player Home Sessions

Nightblade.Echo has a collection of homes that have been offered to The Wyrm's Rest to serve as private RP hubs.  Regardless of the event type, structure plays out normally through traditional /emote roleplay with /yell serving as the channel for DM posts.  Some locations have less slots than others so it is important that you reserve your slot during the sign-up phase.  

Please consider using an addon that allows you to teleport to non-primary homes.  You can find our recommendations here.

Overworld Sessions

When you sign-up for one of our RP events, you will receive the “Roleplayer” role in-game to grant you the ability to see /officer chat.  This is where the heavy DM posts are posted to set scenes and control NPCs while we're out in the world.  It is recommended that you change the chat color for the Officer Chat associated with The Wyrm's Rest to something you won't be able to miss. 

Because ESO doesn't have dedicated roleplay servers or shards, open world sessions are contained within private chats: 


  • /group: Your emotes and character dialogue

  • /guild: OOC communication if you aren't already using Discord

We have chosen this direction for the comfort of our members, as it helps our events progress without being derailed by trolls and/or griefers.  We understand that this isn't the preference for some roleplayers, but we thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work towards maintaining a safe and friendly environment.

How to Participate

Sign-up will always be available in our Discord.  Events are only “closed” or “restricted” to newcomers under very specific circumstances, such as the previous session ending in a scenario that isn’t walk-up/recruitment friendly or the storyline is nearing completion. 


We are trusting our members to read the information made available to them so they can make decisions based on what feels right for their character.  We offer enough stories, which are either focused on progression OR casual style/low commitment events, so that no one should feel like they are missing out on guild RP completely. 

Our Current Storylines

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...

Tavern Nights

From 8:30PM until 11:30PM EST, our Tuesday and Thursday slots are dedicated to walk-up friendly roleplay events in casual environments that accommodate all experience levels and playstyles.  As of February 2022, each Tavern Night is directly connected to a particular storyline to allow recruitment opportunities within the usual social experience. 

This is our current lineup:

  • Tuesday's Tavern Night is connected to "Storyline A" on the schedule, which will take place on the following Wednesday

  • Thursday's Tavern Night is connected to "Storyline B" on the schedule, which will take place on the following Saturday

It is advised to pay attention to the event calendar on the homepage of this site, as well as our Discord server, to stay up to date with our current storylines and schedule changes.

Our Guild Hubs


As of September 7th, 2020, ESO RollPlay (developed by our very own TheBobbyLlama!) will be mandatory for MOST RP events