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A Speech by Lord Reaver

"Friends, heroes, would-be-citizens of the Empire. I welcome you on this very very momentous occasion and thank you for defeating the servants of the dread Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon.

"It has been a long battle and a terrible struggle. We lost our compatriots along the way but we won with our bravery and persistence. We would like to thank all of the many heroes who made this possible, of course the guest of honor today: Tsrabi, Lord Chauncey Reaver myself, Durrin...

"... Jeanni, Zahndi, Ilyare, Felanwei, Fenrin, Eithnir, Sancaran, Tarkuuth, Arvhis, Candice...

"...Valrik, Veril, Roderick, and many others.

"We were helped along the way by the Vigil, the Fighter's Guild, the Mage's Guild, as well as the Ayleid spirits of the ruins where we made our base before we came to this magnificient castle. The Vigil have been the most gracious hosts and it has been the honor of this Knight of Stendarr to fight side by side with them.

"Thanks to all of your efforts Nirn is safe once again. The entire realm is in your debt, though it may not be understood or appreciated by all. But that is the due of a hero, to do great heroic deeds even without proper gratitude or rewards. Some would say heroism is it's own reward, and we are rewarded by living another day in Tamriel free of the control of the Daedra, still full of life and not a hellish wasteland of fire and brimstone, where survivors are tormented by foul Daedra. No, our realm is as the Divines intended it, and can be enjoyed by all gathered here today.

"They say that Tamriel means "Dawn's Beauty", and tomorrow is the dawn of a new day. I ask each of you to continue with the efforts of the Vigil. May they have a long, proud, and prosperous relationship with the Knights of Stendarr. And I pledge by my name as Lord Reaver that I will aid them and continue to protect the realm from all foes."

~ Lord Chauncey Reaver



To those of you that participated in our yearlong Blackwood campaign, thank you. Without your patience and dedication, our arc would have been lost. We look forward to seeing all of you again real soon as we continue to introduce new opportunities that are inclusive for all of our members.

Until the next grand adventure!