Black Banner Recap - 10th Evening Star

It was already too late for the Dominion ship when the Black Banner was raised on the Mortzestus. Captain Viera Curio was well on course to overtake the ship, her keen eyes set on the prize. The dread captain was tasked with capturing the legendary Dominion Admiral, Nelundar, as he cowered away from the frontline back to Summerset. She would then deliver him to her associates in Anvil to ransom them for a kingly sum. The contingent of Dominion marines could do little to prevent the boarding of their ship by the captain and her mercenaries.

With lightning, blade, and Daedric aid, it didn’t take long for the mighty crew of the Mortzestus to overwhelm the Dominion marines. It was Captain Curio herself that delivered the blow to the final marine, cutting them down on the spot without so much as a chance to defend themself. But the battle had just begun! A new threat emerged from the depths of the Dominion ship: a hulking Altmer in shining gold armor ready to face the crew. With shield and sword, he cut an imposing figure, but the pirates of the Mortzestus would not back down!

Both blade and lightning seemed to have no effect! Crystalline projectiles merely bounced off. Daedric claws failed to grasp. It wasn’t until Veamor completed his harrowing climb across the very sides of the ship that he was able to gain the upper hand, getting behind the defiant Altmer and putting a deadly blade to his bare throat!

The battle had been won, but none had informed the Altmer of that, as he broke free of The Tempest’s grip and resumed his struggle, bellowing that he would not abandon his charge.

Again, the Altmer’s impenetrable armor seemed to repel all attacks. During the savage struggle, the foe cried out that he was not the admiral the crew had been seeking. This would be the armored aggressor’s undoing! With no need to take their foe alive, the Sea Elf Veamor delivered a killing blow, sending his blade into the near imperceptible gap between the helm and armor. It was a bloody end to such an imposing foe!

With none left to oppose them, the pirates of the Mortzestus were free to claim their prize, but to their astonishment, the Admiral they had sought was being transported in a casket! An unexpected complication, but a success nonetheless. The crew would certainly celebrate victory that night, as they once again proved that all should tremble beneath the Black Banner!