Black Banner Recap - 21st Morning Star

The Mortzestus sets sail again! This time its destination is the southern seas beyond Tamriel, the Maormer infested waters of Pyandonea!

The noble crew of the Mortzestus was tasked with ascertaining the fate of the Cloudrunner which disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Crews in the area also reported hearing a strange sound while in the area the Cloudrunner was last reported. The sound was described as the slow tolling of a bell. Intriguing!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing on this journey, as a crewmate went missing in the dead of night, leaving no trace. An unsettling incident when mysteries already abound!

The crew had no issue finding their target, none could mistake that haunting noise. Before long, the brave Captain Curio had located the Cloudrunner -- Or what was left of it! It seems the hapless ship ran aground on a mysterious structure in the midst of the sea. But who could have built this strange formation? Was it the ruins of something far bigger? What could be its sinister purpose?

Setting out in a rowboat, the fearless Captain and her mercenaries ventured to the strange construction to investigate. There they discovered a device of unknown origins; the source of the unsettling tolling. Or was it?

As the crew examined the strange device, the once horrible noise began to seem inviting. They would not be fooled, however. They were quick to pull one of the crystals central to the mechanism, stopping the sound once and for all.

But not all would be pleased by this development, as from the woodwork crawled twisted, mindless foes. Hardly a challenge for the noble crew of the Mortzestus. Yet, all was not right, as Captain Curio soon discovered that the last foe to taste her sword was none other than the master of the Cloudrunner, Captain Zeb! It seems he and his crew had fallen under the spell of the accursed device.

A sad fate for the crew of the Cloudrunner and a harrowing tale, but the seas were once again safe thanks to the efforts of the brave heroes of the Mortzestus!