Black Banner Recap - 4th Sun's Dawn

A pleasure cruise! A discreet mission! The brave crew of the Mortzestus knew not what they were in for! The seas have a habit of turning rough without warning.

A noble in need of transport, but as the crew discovered, they weren’t a noble at all. Baron Gholok was, in fact, a rare and elusive Imga: the ape-men of Valenwood! What secrets could this strange being have? Who could possibly have it out for him?

The identity of their charge changed nothing for the mighty crew, as their mission was clear. They were to deliver the Baron to an island South of Elsweyr. A simple task for the Mortzestus, the finest ship to ever sail!

Trouble on the seas! Captain Curio spots another ship, the Mourning Mist, set adrift. Seeing the distress signals, the crew rushes to help, but find themselves ambushed! Her old flame Edric is out to kidnap the Imga, and it’s up to Captain Curio and her brave mercenaries to repel the attackers!

A hulking giant, a drunken maniac, and an agile archer give the crew a run for their money, but the heroic group would not go down without a fight, and fight they did! Bolts of lightning, slashes of steel, and shards of crystal from the planes of Oblivion won the day yet again, sending the Mourning Mist into full retreat. That will show them!

Some well deserved rest for the heroes as the Mortzestus makes its way to the destination: an isolated lump of nothing in the middle of the sea. The Captain and her crew say good-bye to the Imga, and set off to return. Another job well done!