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Celebrating Witches Festival 2021

Updated: Jan 26

The Dark Harvest is drawing near, with tricks and treats and festive fear.

While parents loathe to speak of Him, from fear of superstitions grim,
the children laugh and joke and play, much to the tall ones' dismay.

They dress as beast and daedra dread, of witch and warlock, and undead.
From door to door, each house they meet in hopes of gaining something sweet.

And once the day's last light has fled, and the tall ones gone to bed,
All His faithful come and meet in hopes of one last final treat.

The children look for every piece, from pumpkin rind to bat wing grease.
With slug ichor and black hawthorn, Lord Hollowjack is now reborn.

Atop the burning crops He stands, with ghouls and spectres He commands.
The children squeal and scream "Hooray, Lord Hollowjack is here to stay!"

With children, ghosts, and monsters too, the Dark Harvest will then ensue,
And through the cities they do creep, while screams of terror they so reap.

But when the Festival is done, as noted by that rising sun,
the Pumpkin King has one more task, as He undoes macabre mask.

The children gaze the face of fear, while tiny bodies burn and sear.
New spirits for the Dark King's court, Lord Hollowjack does so consort.
To Detritus, they'll all go back; It's happy work for Hollowjack.


Witches Festival for New Players

The Witches Festival is a Halloween themed event that typically takes place during the end of October. This year, the event will begin at 10:00AM on October 21st and run until 10:00AM EST on November 2nd. The Wyrm's Rest will have guild activities scheduled throughout the remainder of the month for our members to enjoy.

What you should do on Oct. 21st:

  • Pick up the free quest in the Holiday section of the Crown Store

  • Complete "The Witchmother's Bargain" to receive the Witchmother's Whistle memento

  • Use the Whistle to receive a 2-hour 100% XP buff

A small number of pumpkins and guts will be deposited into the guild bank for those that need them for the Witchmother's quest. You will only need one of each, so please be considerate of other new players in the guild that need this assistance.

Do note that if you already have the memento in your collections tab, you do NOT need to do the quest again. You don't need to activate the Witchmother's Cauldron to receive the XP buff, and the buff received can be reactivated every 2 hours. The XP buff granted by the memento can stack with other sources, such as XP scrolls and Psijic Ambrosia.

Once the Witches Festival has ended, the Witchmother's Whistle will no longer grant the 100% XP buff.

Update: From October 18th until October 25th at 10:00AM, a free trial period for ESO Plus will be active so everyone can enjoy its benefits. To get started, select the ESO Plus tab in the Crown Store and select "Free Trial". More information can be found here.


Plundering for Skulls

When: Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays during the Witches Festival

Event Type: Guild PvE

Host(s): Will vary depending on availability

Plunder Skulls are earned by killing bosses through various zones and activities. The rewards you can receive are exclusive to the Witches Festival. We organize PvE oriented events during Witches Festival to help our players maximize the amount of Plunder Skulls they can earn during a set period, as well as boost our new players currently working on their first level 50/160CP character.

Rewards from Special Dremora Plunder Skull (1 per day account-wide):

  • [NEW] Marshmallow Toasty Treat emote Runebox

  • [NEW] Bonefire memento Runebox

  • Witches Festival Writs

  • Glenmoril Treasure Maps used to find Glemoril weapon styles

  • Glenmoril armor style pages

  • Grave Dancer weapon styles

  • Dremora motif chapter pages - See PvE section below.

Notable Rewards from normal Plunder Skulls:

  • [NEW] Bonedust Pigments - Collect 10 to craft a Witch-Tamed Bear Dog

  • Hollowjack and Dremora* motif chapter pages

  • Witches Festival-themed provisioning recipes, furnishings, and furnishing recipes

Light armor variation of the Dremora Style

*Dremora motif chapter pages are specific to certain types of content and you'll only receive one of two per activity. Our PvE event schedule will be tailored to ensure that all participating members will have a chance at receiving all of them.

Beginner PvE

  • 4-man Dungeons - Helmets and Maces

  • Dark Anchors, Geyser Bosses, Harrowstorms, ect. - Daggers and Gloves

  • Delve Bosses - Staves and Belts

  • Public Dungeons - Shields and Boots

  • World Bosses - Shoulders and Axes

Beginner friendly PvE for the Witches Festival will take place between 8:00PM and 11:00PM EST on select Thursdays and Sundays. The variation and location of content will depend on the event's host. There is only a requirement for 4-man normal dungeons.

Advanced PvE

  • 4-man Normal Arenas - Bows and Legs

  • Normal Trials - Swords and Chests

Advanced PvE for the Witches Festival will only take place between 8:00PM and 11:30PM EST on select Mondays. Those seeking to participate in these particular PvE events must be at least level 50 with 160CP and have completed starter sets for their selected role's build. The event's host will determine who is best suited for each role before the event begins.

Edit (10/19/2021): A Sunday Beginner PvE event for October 24th has been cancelled to allow Black Banner to have a makeup day.


Storytime at The Raven's Quill

When: Every Wednesday between 8:00PM and 11:30PM EST during October

Event Type: Beginner-friendly/Casual Guild Roleplay

Host(s): Nightblade.Echo and L337VV4ff135

The Raven's Quill is a small oddities parlor located on the outskirts of Evermore in Bangkorai, and it is managed by a blind Breton "seeress" named Brenna Vautaire. In the past year, the Quill has become the center focus for questionable rumors, ranging from hauntings to cult activity. However, Frostfall is seemingly the one time out of the year where Brenna and her shop are viewed in a more "positive" light by local thrill seekers and enthusiasts of the Witches Festival.

The Raven's Quill has extended its normal business operations for Middas during Frostfall to accommodate these seasonal guests and patrons in the form of more... interactive storytelling. This service is free, and those that are brave enough to stay throughout the entire duration may be able to catch a glimpse of Brenna's collection of antiquities and memento mori.

Notes and Disclaimers

  • Some themes covered during these events may be disturbing or triggering if you are sensitive to the discussion of blood and gore OOCLY.

  • These are super casual/walk-up friendly events that everyone can sign up for. They are NOT directly involved with guild canon. You are able to dictate whether they affect your character for the long term or not.

  • Your characters aren't being forced there against their will, and because this is super-duper-ultra casual, you really don't need to overthink those hows and whys. You can literally just show up.

  • While you can bring any character you want from your roster, I'm encouraging to avoid bringing characters prone to causing disruptions/derailments. Commentary and reactions appropriate to the situations you will experience are just fine, but if your character comes in just trying to fight god on principle alone, well... Don't. Time won't allow chaos to reign.

  • These are time sensitive events that require a lot of collaboration between the hosts to deliver a... festive experience. Once we get into the core aspect of the event, we don't have a lot of wiggle room with our scripts. Because of this, we're only allowing a maximum of 8 minutes between GM posts once the show actually begins to make sure we can cover everything effectively.

  • A Rollplay session will NOT be open for any of these events. This is mostly due to our time constraints. We are trusting our players to be good sports and not cause OOC or IC disruptions or derailments. Read [GM] posts carefully before responding. If you are unsure of your ability to perform certain actions ICLY, please ask the sitting GM before posting. Regardless of what may happen to your character ICLY, they will be unharmed--at least physically!

Events at The Raven's Quill are hosted at @Nightblade.Echo's "Domus Phrasticus" player home on Wednesday evenings between 8:00PM and 11:30PM EST. No additional invites for late arrivals will be sent out after 9:30PM EST.

Players are welcomed to share their own spooky tales ICLY from 8:15PM until 9:15PM EST.

Sign-up for these events will always take place in the rp-sign-up channel of the guild's Discord server. Please note there are only 12 available player slots and two will always be reserved for event hosts. Members are allowed to shadow/spectate, but active participants will have priority if we're close to capping out on slots. Participating members must have a basic understanding of our RP etiquette and guild rules.


A Chance at One-Million Gold

When: The entire month of October until November 2nd at 10:00AM EST

Event Type: Creative Writing Contest - Previously announced in Discord on Oct. 4th

Host: Nightblade.Echo

All members of The Wyrm's Rest are eligible to participate in a creative writing contest themed around the Witches Festival. Short stories and poems are preferred, and you must send them to @Nightblade.Echo in order for your entry to count. You can message Echo directly in Discord OR send an email to echo.nightblade@gmail.com


  1. The contest will only activate once two entries are received!

  2. Do not send entries to L337VV4ff135 or TheBobbyLlama or post them in the guild Discord.

  3. Your format needs to be easy to read. .txt, .rtf, .DOC files are allowed, but Google Docs are preferred. (Make sure your Google doc is viewable to those with the link.)

  4. November 2nd at 10:00AM is the deadline. Late entries will automatically be disqualified.


  1. Your entry MUST be themed around the Witches Festival from an in-character or lore-friendly perspective.

  2. You must participate in at least three of the guild's Witches Festival themed events without shadowing or lurking. If you are unable to participate in ANY guild events, you need to get in contact with Echo so an alternative can be worked out.

Once I have verified all participants have met the requirements, we will vote for our favorite entry as a guild to select our winner on November 3rd before 8:00PM EST. The one-million gold prize will ONLY be delivered via trade in-game.

Story Submissions (as of Oct. 19th @ 4:00AM):

  • Adzuken

Listed participants that met all requirements will have their name highlighted in green.

A Message From @Nightblade.Echo

Please, please, PLEASE do not deposit any of the following into the guild bank: Hollowjack motif chapter pages or common Dremora motif chapter pages (see Beginner PvE), green or blue provisioning recipes, or furniture items. In addition to this, if you already see three of the same style pages for Glenmoril or Grave Dancer, do not deposit more into the guild bank.

Almost all of the banned items on the list are incredibly common during the Witches Festival, meaning no one will have need for them from the guild bank. There are likely still items from LAST year gathering dust.

Our guild bank is a service to help our members, especially new players/recruits. It isn't your storage locker or a garbage bin. Please help us keep it neat and orderly. You will only receive one warning if you ignore this message. Failure to comply with that warning will result in you losing your bank privileges for at least 14-days.