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Guild News: September 2021

Updated: Jan 13

Guild Updates

Temporary Changes
  • Our weekly schedule has been condensed down to the following until December:

  • Cyrodiil will be hosted every Monday*.

  • Group PvE will be hosted every Wednesday*.

  • Tavern Nights will be paused until November 4th. Players can still meet up and RP outside event hours at our select locations.

*On October 6th, 13th, 20th, and the 27th: These Wednesdays will be used for a Witches Festival themed RP event hosted by Nightblade.Echo and L337VV4ff135. Because of this, PvP and PvE will return to a rotation cycle on Mondays. This is already organized in our guild’s event schedule.
Permanent Changes
  • Deactivated social platforms: Twitch and Twitter.

  • Nightblade.Echo's "Velothi Reverie", formerly a Mages Guild hub, is closed.

Hubs Closed for Refurbishment
  • The Wyrm's Rest: Mournhold (Nightblade.Echo's "Quondam Indorilia")

Upcoming RP Hubs
  • The Wyrm's Rest: Port Hunding (Nightblade.Echo's "Hunding's Palatial Hall")

  • A new Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Nightblade.Echo's "Lakemire Xanmeer Manor")

  • An Outlaw Refuge (Nightblade.Echo's "Earthtear Cavern")

Guild Roleplay Updates

The structure of our RP events will be undergoing gradual changes as we phase out of a "random, storybook-like" system and into something far better organized. As guild members return to our Blackwood storyline on October 2nd, they will be slowly introduced to new NPCs, concepts, and theming that will eventually become permanent fixtures that will affect the entirety of our guild's roleplay.

As the core theme to bring everything together is still in a conceptual phase, we will release information as it becomes available. For October, our members can expect a "Phase One" introduction that includes one new essential NPC and a minor reveal regarding the organization they have been working for since Q1. This new information will be added to the Recruit Guide for Blackwood after October 2nd's event.


Holiday RP: Witches Festival

Starting the evening of October 6th, up to ten guild members will be welcomed to visit The Raven's Quill (Nightblade.Echo's "Domus Phrasticus") to enjoy a very casual Halloween themed event. Everyone can participate regardless of character types and backgrounds, and Rollplay will not be included unless the players themselves request it.

This year's theme will be similar to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The first event is scheduled for the evening of October 6th.


Casual RP: Tavern Nights and One-Off Adventures

Our plans for one-off adventures have been put on an indefinite pause. Tavern Nights as we know them will also be splitting into two categories starting the second week of November, after the estimated conclusion of the Black Banner storyline. Here are the two categories and their weekly rotations:

Casual Tuesdays

Includes the following:

  • <The guildhall> ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Pantherfang Chapel"

  • The Drunken Frog ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Stay-Moist Mansion"

  • The Three Legged Mare ---> Nightblade.Echo's "House of the Silent Magnifico"

  • Snowfang's Den ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Hunter's Glade"

  • Lakemire Sanctuary ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Lakemire Xanmeer Manor"

This selection was made to give members the opportunity to interact in both current and former story focused hubs without having to worry about commitment to a plotline. This list will be expanded over time to include additional hubs outside The Wyrm's Rest taverns.

Tavern Thursdays

This rotation will only include The Wyrm's Rest taverns:

  • Port Hunding [New!] ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Hunding's Palatial Hall"

  • Riften ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Old Mistveil Manor"

  • Skywatch ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Mathiisen Manor"

  • Wayrest ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Gardner House"

  • Mournhold ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Quondam Indorilia"

  • Rawl'kha ---> Nightblade.Echo's "Serenity Falls Estate"

Benefits of Weekly Rotations Over Random Polls

Knowing a selected location beforehand allows members time to decide on a character and prepare for how they want to conduct themselves ICLY during a casual event. It also ensures all of our available listed hubs are routinely visited and not just the same two to three locations.

Please note that these hubs are unlocked before AND after event hours so our members can have their own private sessions. You will need an addon to grant access to non-primary homes, such as Essential Housing Tools or Port to Friend's House.


The Return of Dreamstride

Part 2 of Dreamstride will not be returning to our schedule until Spring 2022. Given the outcome at the end of Part 1, it is safe to assume that our magnificent Dreynos Davel will NOT be returning to one of The Wyrm's Rest locations but potentially his own standalone hub.

As most of you are likely aware, both this year's Witches Festival and the Q4 DLC "Deadlands" will be coming to PC soon. We will provide updates as to how this will potentially affect our schedule as more information becomes available.