Hunter's Glad Recap - 16th Sun's Dusk

Without a word, I returned to the den with the rest of the pack. I had planned to spend the evening mending my arrows in peace and considering the value of continuing my charade, but fate had something else in mind.

We found the den in chaos. The Atronach that protects the obelisk in the main room had been stained crimson and a rift swirled at its base. Oblivion was calling, but first we had to stop the rampaging ice monstrosity.

Neither myself nor the rest of the team were well equipped to deal with the hard-skinned beast. Even if arrows would penetrate, it’s doubtful it would be more than a nuisance to the Atronach. I considered setting one alight, but felt that it would simply extinguish in the ice. While I will admit that I felt less than compelled to assist the pack, I felt a lot of aggression that needed to be worked out. I released my inner beast and began my attack.

Valtani did her best to protect her adoptive father, Tarkuuth, and to be fair, she did pretty well, slicing a gash through its icy armor, sending it off-balance enough to allow Durrin the Wereboar to topple it (almost crushing Tarkuuth, but his survival was disappointing). Barrett attempted what I did not and fired a flaming arrow which at least melted it a bit, but we had a lot of ice to melt if we were going to defeat it.

Ingathol did nothing. Considering his magic might have been the most effective weapon against the Atronach, he has piled on yet another reason for me to hate him.

The fight ended when Adrihna was finally able to pacify the ice creature. Well, maybe. I was ready to change my method and tear its head off, but Tarkuuth stepped in to stop me. My first thought was to rip his face off, but I also didn’t feel like making a fool of myself by chipping away at the Atronach by myself.

I had barely begun to count my failures in battle when I suddenly felt the pull of that rift. I needed no convincing. I was being called by the Hunt-father, the Master of Beasts, my Master. I left the others to bicker or argue or have whatever inane discussion was left. This is what I was here for and I was not going to hesitate in accepting it.

I have arrived. On the other side of that rift was the Hunting Grounds. Whether I die here or not, I have arrived at my home, and I am ready to prove my worth as a hunter. It is time to seize my destiny.

~Zifri Mossvale