Hunter's Glade Recap - 10th Sun's Dusk

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It was obvious that something was off the moment we entered the den. The smell of fresh blood, soil, something vegetal. I went in with the group expecting an ambush or some other creature from the depths of Oblivion, but there was no sign of intrusion.

Aside from all the blood.

The ice atronach that guarded something secret was spattered in blood. It dripped from the ceiling as though viscera had been stuck to it or perhaps that the ceiling itself was bleeding.

In the living quarters we found an even more haunting sight: some sort of grim effigy had been placed on the throne. It was a skinned bear, an elk skull placed where its head would be, and a makeshift spear thrust through the hand. Blood dripped from the mouth of the skull from some unknown source.

The group reacted to it in different ways. The Reachman, Durrin, seemed to see the most significance in it, deeming it a bad omen from Lord Hircine. I can’t fully dispute this, the Hunt Father might be upset that we grouped up on one bear and burned it to cinders. The Bosmer, Valtani anguished over the disruption to her den. The Altmer, Ingathol, decided the best course of action would be to wrench the spear from the effigy’s hand. Tarkuuth just wanted the thing to stop making a mess on his floors and made every excuse to avoid contemplating the meaning of it, the idiot.

The Reachmen pried the meat statue from the throne and carried it bleeding out of the living quarters. The group then turned to making sense of what had happened. Well, most of us did. Tarkuuth still seemed to be more concerned over what his wife would do upon returning to a bloodied den.

The Wyress Adrihna had the most pragmatic approach to the issue; she asked the atronach. She reported to us that it seemed the barrier that existed in the den, presumably between Nirn and the Hunting Grounds, was weakening, and that this may be a sign.

Everything seemed to click into place with that revelation. An effigy of Hircine sat on the throne where the Hunt Father belongs.

I may be a staunch follower of Hircine, but I’ll admit that I do not know what is going to happen. I shiver with anticipation. My many kills over the years have all been in his name, but this will perhaps be the first time I am so directly presented the opportunity to appease him. I can only hope that I was chosen because he has been pleased with my work so far.

~Zifri Mossvale