Hunter's Glade Recap - 11th Frostfall

Welcome back to the den, Valtani. Your home is filled with idiot men and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If anyone has seen through my ruse, they haven’t shown any indication. Valtani, on the other hand, gladly revealed her status as a child of Hircine to my alter ego. I threw myself into a panic, which nearly paid off as the stupid Bosmer actually placed my drawn arrow at point blank range to her forehead. It would have been an easy kill, but I hesitated, wondering what Lord Hircine would think. Before I could decide if I should accept the gift handed to me, the ice atronach guardian had thrown a fit and allowed the girl to wisely reverse her decision. I wasted an arrow to cement the illusion of my incompetence. Those silver arrows aren’t easily replaced; I’ll need to go and retrieve it when I get past the guardian.

The group then revealed to my alter ego her true nature. I threw myself into hysterics, pretending to be an innocent Bosmer, completely ignorant of her transformation. It worked. An empathetic hand was offered. My cards were neatly arranged, ready to be played.

While I was still crying like a child experiencing their first thunderstorm, Tarkuuth, the barbaric reachman, arrived home carrying a fresh kill. He and the Wyress, Adrihna, broke the news to Valtani that, in her absence, the pack matriarch had given birth to a little girl. The Bosmer broke down on the floor with me, bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t present for the birth and criticizing herself for being an unreliable pack member. Tarkuuth responded by performing a grim puppet show with the carcass of a slaughtered elk. That worked… somehow.

With the air cleared of drama, the entire group retreated into the den to prepare the elk for dinner. The reachmen, Durrin, Barrett, and Tarkuuth, dined on the poorly cooked carcass while I prepared a stew from the elk’s head using what little knowledge I had on Green Pact cuisine (lots of salt; no vegetables). I shared with the Altmer, Ingathol, the only man with enough brain cells to not eat uncooked meat in his human form. It was surprisingly edible.

I am eager for the hunt to begin. Already my mind swims with thoughts of the many ways I can kill my prey. How long I will be able to resist the already pounding urge to slit the throats of those around me remains to be seen. For now, they can consider themselves safe in the presence of the timid huntress, Ganduin Bluebrook.

~Zifri Mossvale