Hunter's Glade Recap - 17th Sun's Dusk

I can’t claim to have expected this. The effigy of meat and bone was somehow capable of rising from the heap it was left in and took its place back on the throne.

Worse, it spoke.

It first addressed the Altmer, Ingathol, who had pried its makeshift spear away as, I don’t know, some kind of prize? Who can say what goes on in the head of a man so thick-skulled. When the Altmer showed disobedience and refused to return the spear, the large Reachman, Tarkuuth, stepped in and provided it.

It then turned its attention to the smaller Reachman, Durrin. It voiced displeasure for his actions, as he had apparently killed the wounded fawn we had found on our hunt.

The thing then addressed the whole group. It said that Clan Snowfang will be tested against others. It would seem that myself and the other newcomers were considered part of the clan by the Hunt-Father. I’m curious to know why, as the group is more disparate than any other I’ve known and, as far as I know, have had no previous association with the clan.

To my surprise, it then addressed me. It asked if my “crown fit too tightly.” It made use of my assumed name, but I couldn’t help but feel paranoid that it was about to reveal my ruse.

Then it made reference to my “veneer,” warning cryptically that it would do well for me or end in ruin. Luckily, none in the den seemed to have made notice of its choice of words. Perhaps. Tarkuuth would later tell me he wished to speak, but there could be no way a man of his aptitude could have seen through my disguise. However, I felt refusing would just confirm any suspicions he had in his mind, so we will see how this plays out.

Much of the group is rather blasé about the experience. Ingathol seems to have some sort of history with Hircine and bears a kind of animosity. Durrin seems prepared, but the bear Reachman, Barrett, is hesitant to join the pack. As for Valtani, something seems to bother her. She doesn’t sound particularly thrilled that others have joined her clan, almost wishing to exclude us. She also seems distrustful of a Daedra’s intentions, which is wise, though the Huntsman is, at the very least, known for his fairness.

As for me. I look forward to this chance to please my patron so directly. I had thought -- hoped -- that this hunt would pit me against the others in the den, but it appears that I will rely on this motley cast. Perhaps my guise was unnecessary in undermining the others. I may need their trust more than I thought.

~Zifri Mossvale