Hunter's Glade Recap - 18th Frostfall

The wait is killing me. I occupy my time by envisioning how I would end the lives of those around me. Sever the spinal column, leave them to die in the elements. Poison their food with something just strong enough to leave them helpless, gradually dismember them until their body gives into shock. Maybe just test my aim and put an arrow through their skull.


Truth be told, I feel a bit directionless not having a specific target. Will I choose allies and grant them mercy, or will I just pick them off, one-by-one, and leave the Rift painted in their blood. We’ll just have to see how things play out.

For now, I continue my ruse as Ganduin Bluebrook. I pretend to not know my purpose at the den and act as though I’m a poor Bosmer huntress out of her element and in need of help. It’s too bad the men are too stupid to feel any sympathy, but Valtani? There may be use for her. And the den patriarch, Tarkuuth? We’ll see about him.

Valtani seemed to be struggling with her own demons. She was a million miles away the whole night. The only thing that seemed to stir her was the revelation that her father figure had killed his sister. It seemed to be the breaking point. What else is going on in there? Confidence? Family problems? Relationship issues? The girl’s a mess, in any case.

Tarkuuth did his best to address the group’s concerns, but even he doesn’t seem to know the reason we were called here beyond some sort of grand hunt. He spoke of a “majestic and terrifying beast,” one with black fur, red eyes, and large horns. Perhaps this is my target, or perhaps the Reachman was either drunk or his vision warped by testosterone. Regardless, the other Reachmen, Durrin and Barrett, were enthralled by the prospect.

I gleaned as much information as I could, but I’m still in the dark about what’s going to happen. It seems my only option is to be patient; something I’m fortunately rather good at. On the other hand, the den is starting to feel a little confining, and being stuck with a bunch of reeking men doesn’t help matters.

~Zifri Mossvale