Hunter's Glade Recap - 18th Morning Star

With two of the totems retrieved, we set out to find the third. Before we got far, Barrett, the hairiest Reachman, was struck by a silver dart. His would-be assassin belonged to the Death Hunters, an inept group whose members had attacked us before. Annoyingly, they were all up in a tree, but Valtani was quick to end that advantage by shaking two of the three hunters out of it.

While the rest set to tearing the grounded assailants apart, I plucked the silver dart from Barrett’s leg and flung it at the remaining Death Hunter in the tree. Though my giant wolf hands lack the dexterity of my Bosmer form, I still managed to land a hit and knock him groundward. Unfortunately, he had enough time to blind Valtani with a gaseous mixture before she tore his throat out.

I felt a sudden pull from the bone we had recovered. Something about it was interacting with my lycanthropy, and it seemed to be affecting the others as well. While I kept my distance, fearing that any other nearby lycanthropes from other clans might be drawn in, the smaller Reachman, Durrin, had already laid claim to it and was gripped by visions of another pack nearby. It took an agonizing amount of time to get him to lead us there, but eventually we were on our way.

We found a camp inhabited by some Nords who, upon sighting us, turned not into werewolves, but werebears. This proved to be somewhat challenging, as myself and Valtani both had difficulty penetrating their pelts with our jaws. Barrett managed to plant an arrow in the eye of one of them, while Durrin sunk his sword into another. Tarkuuth finished off the one struggling against Valtani. I then pushed the other away from Durrin before it could maul the little man.

From there, it was a simple matter of finishing the fight, but we were still without our third prize and Durrin’s vision suggested that the pack’s leader was also here. Sure enough, we heard the sounds of struggle near the stream. I always welcome more opportunities to get blood under my claws.

~Zifri Mossvale