Hunter's Glade Recap - 24th Morning Star

When we reached the stream where we had heard combat, we found the pack’s leader, a massive Nord, already gloating over having killed Hrokkibeg, the mighty bear. Using the totem taken from the aspect, he summoned a spirit bear to face us.

That wasn’t going to distract me. While Valtani and Durrin tried to handle the specter, I vaulted it and raced to attack the Nord. Unfortunately, he was quick to defend himself. Tarkuuth had the same idea as I did and attacked the hunter but got an axe in the shoulder for his efforts. Soon, the rest of our group had descended on the lone Nord, at which point he transformed into a massive werebear lord.

Standing at full height, I was barely up to the crotch of this massive beast. That was all I needed. For while the rest of the group tried to pierce the thing’s thick hide with their weapons, I had my eye on another prize: its baculum -- a floating bone in the penis. I’m not sure when the next chance I’ll have to obtain such a trophy, and at the very least, it will be an unignorable distraction.

Unfortunately, my attempts were unsuccessful. I was making some progress, but only managed to obtain a bloody nose.

Meanwhile, the rest of the pack began making progress in unbalancing the werebear lord. Valtani, seemingly affected by the totem she held, suddenly transformed into a werewolf behemoth. I’ll admit to a pang of envy, as such power is extremely tempting, but I then worried about the sort of drain that would put her under. Turning into a werewolf in normal circumstances can be quite exhausting, but the amount of endurance needed to assume such a large form must be immense.

Nonetheless, it was effective at allowing her to fight back against the werebear lord. Barrett’s arrows, Durrin’s tusks, Tarkuuth’s sword, and Ingathol’s fire bolts proved to be nothing more than a distraction, but it was enough to allow Valtani to topple the bear over the edge of the waterfall. Unfortunately, there would be no recovering the baculum.

The third totem was now ours, but the group was beginning to look a bit ragged. Valtani, as expected, had taken the brunt and was struggling to even stand. We had to keep moving, so I carried her as we worked our way back with our prizes.

We didn’t get very far before we found ourselves under attack by a giant mosquito, like a kotu gava, but perhaps larger. More of an annoyance than a threat, but I placed Valtani in a safe spot before the group began to bat at the giant insect. Durrin dealt the first blow, but the vexing foe just took flight above our heads. Without my bow, my ranged options were limited, but I came across a reasonable solution: I grabbed a flaming log out of the campfire and hurled it at the mosquito.

That knocked it back out of the air where the group started laying into it. Before we could crush it completely, however, it changed shape into a giant lizard and fled into the undergrowth. Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away.

~Zifri Mossvale.