Hunter's Glade Recap - 29th Sun's Dusk

The others are too slow. They hesitate too much. The hunt is already underway and they act like nervous infants.

By the time we received our tasks from a witch in the Hunting Ground, the other clans had already started their hunt. Three aspects of Hircine were our quarry: Storihbeg, the Skinchanger; Hrokkibeg, the Mighty Bear; Gulibeg, the Clever Fox. We needed to find them before the other packs and return with their symbols.

Again, the group hesitated. I was not willing to wait.

We came upon a camp by a stream. Fog was setting in, but within it we found savaged bodies. I recognized them: Silver Dawn. Werewolf hunters. One was still alive, a state I quickly ceased, tearing his head clean from his body. The others chastised me -- weaklings. Their presence was meaningless; another obstacle between us and our prey. Sparing them would be pointless.

As the rest of the pack speculated the significance of the Silver Dawn’s presence, I looked for a sign of whatever beast had attacked them. Another clan? An aspect of Hircine? It wouldn’t be long before I’d have my answer. In almost an instant, the fog thickened and the baying of wolves could be heard.

The bearded Reachman, Barrett, suggested covering for an ambush. Was he a hunter or prey? It didn’t matter, as his hurried movements drew out a spirit wolf, dispatched by Durrin. Another attacked the Altmer, Ingathol, this one was executed by Barrett.

How I hate that Altmer. His presence soils the Hunting Grounds. He scorns Hircine’s gift and disparages my lord. Killing him would no doubt bring the Hunt-Father’s favour, but I must settle for antagonizing him, lest the rest of the clan interfere. His magic may also be necessary for the success of our hunt, but I can’t speak for his safety once his usefulness runs out and the pack can’t protect him.

A third wolf made its appearance, this one was doubtlessly Storihbeg, the Skinchanger, the King of Wolves. The clan was immediately upon him, working to bring him down. Myself and the other werewolf, Valtani, latched to its neck, pulling at its vital pathways. As the pack overwhelmed the beast, I was finally successful in tearing out its throat, providing us with our first victory. Unsatisfied, I severed its spine, allowing Valtani to pull its skull free: the first symbol.

Rather than celebration, there was unrest among the pack. Ingathol found the courage to challenge me, calling me a liability, though we were separated by Valtani who reasoned, along with Tarkuuth, that cooperation would be needed in the coming challenges. That fact I am saddened to agree with, though I am tired of waiting for their inane chattering to cease. I set off without them to find our next quarry.

I hadn’t made it far before I was stopped by Valtani. She again appealed for my cooperation, arguing that my actions could cause harm to others in the group. I made it clear that I couldn’t care less for their well-being. I won’t be denied the favour of my Lord. None will stop me from securing my afterlife in the Hunting Grounds. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

~Zifri Mossvale