Hunter's Glade Recap - 3rd Morning Star

I had expected that the others would at least make some effort to keep up to me, but it appeared they were more content to stay back and bicker. As immensely frustrating as this was, I found myself forced to turn back before long.

Sure enough, the group had not strayed far from where I had left them. Surprisingly, however, they were in pursuit of a dark furred fox, Gulibeg, no doubt. Valtani and Ingathol were in the midst of discovering that a bone they had retrieved was a fake, the Reachmen, Durrin and Barrett, paddled after Tarkuuth in a boat far too large, and Adrihna pleaded with the fox as though an Aspect of Hircine would be willing to discuss things.

I dove in after them, but immediately floundered. I had hoped that I would, at the very least, light a fire beneath the pack to get them moving, whether I succeeded or not was lost on me as I struggled to stay surfaced. Not my finest moment, but then, I can’t claim to be the best swimmer, even as a Bosmer. Something to work on, I suppose.

We followed Gulibeg to shore, where he taunted the party with another bone. Anticipating a trap, I threw a rock to reveal the pit the bone sat atop. At the bottom was some form of tortoise that Adrihna attempted to befriend. To what end? I have no idea.

On my lead, Tarkuuth, Ingathol, and I had the fox trapped in a hollow log. The Altmer flooded it with flame, at which point everything went awry. Ingathol was injured by a very startled pig and Tarkuuth failed to prevent the fox from escaping. You give that man a single task and he still fails to accomplish it; an impressive level of incompetence.

Gulibeg was able to evade me and once again fled. The pack made short work of the hog and we followed the fox to a cliffside.

Its choice of location worried me. The steep drop would have killed anyone unlucky or stupid enough to topple over, and we faced a foe known for its trickery. One of the other group members could test the fox for all I cared, but I wasn’t going to die foolishly. Instead, I attempted to find another way around the cliff to corner the fox. My search was fruitful as I was able to place myself on the cliff above it.

However, the fox seemed to have chosen this exact spot as its terminal destination. It surrendered itself beside a box of some sort. I wasn’t about to let it escape. I leapt from the cliff downwards towards it. Somehow it seemed to sense me and moved itself and the Wyress away from my landing. The Aspect then sheltered itself in Adrihna’s arms. Clever indeed.

While I have nothing against Adrihna -- if I was to share a den with anyone in the pack, I’d mind her the least -- I found myself frustrated that she’d lend protection to a creature that sought to make the pack look foolish. I considered plucking it from her grasp and shaking it until its bones no longer gave resistance and it was as limp as a sock full of pudding, but Valtani stepped in. I let her know with simple actions that her meddling was not appreciated, but decided to give up on claiming my prey. It wasn’t worth having the pack turn against me.

Tarkuuth, of all people, seemed to understand my frustration. It’s funny, I had thought that his patriarchal tendencies would grate on me quickly, and at times they do, but I find his supportiveness and praise somewhat comforting. Perhaps it’s because my parents had few nice things to say to me before they shipped me off to be someone else’s problem. Introspection for another time, I suppose.

For now, we had our second symbol. No sign of the other packs yet, but the hunt isn’t over.

~Zifri Mossvale