Hunter's Glade Recap - 6th Evening Star

I may have slipped. It’s always been a weakness of mine that my impersonation can crack beneath the weight of boredom and frustration, as much as it pains me to admit it, and I’ve been feeling severe symptoms of both. The feeling of being trapped with my so-called “pack” has begun weighing on me, and I need release.

I was finally given the opportunity when we set out to meet with the Wyrd Witch Adrihna’s current “apprentice” and possible boyfriend, Sebastien. Another disgusting Reachman. This one is an intolerably helpless coward. He’s adorned with an outfit of rough leather and bones, topped with a pair of impressive looking horns. I very much doubt this man had anything to do with the deaths of those creatures, let alone the assembly of his ridiculous suit. He acts as though he would flee from an insect.

He told us of a “talking bear” that approached his tent and said the sounds of fighting had ensued. Curious. Though the effigy is indeed imposing, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to fight with it.

We followed the trail it had left into the woods and came across a wounded Khajiit standing by the remains of our messenger. She refused to provide us with any information about her supposed mission, so I let fly an arrow with the intention of painfully debilitating her further and showing we were not messing around.

This would turn out to be a mistake.

Not only did my arrow snap on impact, failing to cause my intended intimidation, a previously unknown interloper chose that moment to make themselves known by targeting my own knee. They missed. Lucky for me, unfortunate for them.

The pack immediately turned their attention away from the Khajiit to make an unimpressive attempt at confronting the trio that was now assaulting us. Valtani made the unwise decision of rushing them, making herself the prime target. Sebastien cowered. The Altmer, Ingathol, threw an ineffective fireball that missed its target. Barret tshowed more precision and struck the treebound archer in the arm, causing them to drop their bow.

I chose to shoot the Khajiit dead. I was not about to be stabbed in the back because the others felt her to be no longer a threat.

It was then that the gates of Oblivion broke open and chaos ensued. Sebastien failed to show any acuity in… anything. Valtani’s rage overtook her and she took her werewolf form. Ingathol caused a cloud of noxious fumes to combust; effective against the grounded enemies, but almost immolating Valtani, not that I’m complaining. Barrett failed to repeat his shot. Durrin managed to take advantage of the confusion and sliced into one of our aggressors, killing them on the spot.

I judged the value of the remaining two targets and picked the marksman in the tree. I knew that I merely had to imbalance the Bosmer and he’d fall to his death, so I chose a spot for maximum pain. To my satisfaction, they tumbled to the forest floor with a loud crunch.

To our surprise, the remaining combatant just chose to end their life. Their dying laugh seemed to suggest that they felt a victory over us, but I hardly see it that way. They all died like animals. Exactly what they deserved.

As I collected my arrowheads, I mulled over my mistakes. The first was trusting arrow shafts that I did not make myself. Apparently, when you shell out the drakes for silver arrows, all that value is in the head and costs are cut on the shafts. More concerning is the fact that I had fallen out of my guise as Ganduin.

I had set her up as a defenseless huntress out of her element. She had expressed a desire to avoid violence. Yet my allies had witnessed her killing foes with my own brutality. Some will no doubt overlook that, and perhaps I can explain it away by fearfully telling any who confront me that I had simply been swept up in the moment and had no idea I was capable of such awful deeds.

On the other hand, the value of my ploy is now in question. Ganduin is proving to be more of a hindrance at this point, and it may be time to shed the disguise.

~Zifri Mossvale