Main RP - 14th Sun's Dusk

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I feel absolutely fantastic.

I still maintain that the group’s protection of our witch prisoner is suspect and seems more to do with a lack of stomach for my vampiric nature than the witch’s usefulness. However, Arigael and Neretheim are both adamant to juice at least one more detail from her: how to survive the harrowstorms.

Neretheim doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s not about to let that stop him from meddling with forces bigger than us. He seems certain that it’s necessary to anchor the soul to a subject’s body to prevent it from being torn out, but my fear is that anchoring the soul would be permanent. Without the ability to leave to its final destination, the soul would be trapped within a rotting husk for eternity. I’d take several forevers as a slave of Coldharbor than isolation in my own remains.

Though, admittedly, this is hardly my area of expertise. I’m better versed in matters of the carnal nature, and rarely does that overlap with soul manipulation.

He was mulling around the possibility of anchoring the soul to something else, rather than the body. The witch, through her taunting of the group, seemed to indicate we were on the right track, which is when we realized that the medallion that the witch had on her person was likely the answer.

As if on cue, Neretheim’s sister, the little mouse Elivinia, returned to us not long after we were told that she had departed for good. It felt great that someone was finally listening to me, but her return was not unwelcome, as she had a better handle on soul magic than our mad alchemist. Sure enough, she was able to confirm, with some doubts still lingering, that the medallion seemed to be our ticket to surviving in a harrowstorm.

That was nice and all, but the issue I was more invested in was our witch prisoner. We had put her through the wringer, subjected her to all sorts of inane conversation, and I cut her arm off. Neretheim didn’t want to kill her, Arigael was still trying to reason that she might have some useful information, and giant Nord Thirrin seemed to be in agreement with the other two. Or just in disagreement with me, who can say? The only one who seemed to want to end the witch’s suffering with me was Elivinia. Her, as well as the witch herself, I suppose.

As the group contemplated the significance of the witch’s jewelry, I eventually decided to take matters into my own hands. No one deserves this punishment. The witch welcomed the escape and provided her wrist willingly. I drank what blood remained from her veins until I was certain that she had been released. Off to Coldharbor with her. Hopefully, she won’t still be holding a grudge when I get there.

The rest of the group might not agree with me, but I know I did the right thing in the end.

~Zeli Stroud