Main RP Recap - 10th Morning Star

I will say that Rhys’ method in getting us all killed is far more efficient than I could ever hope for. His plan to recruit new members to the group was to post flyers all over the place that say “Hey, we oppose the Gray Host, this is our address.” Happily, that will bring them directly to our doorstep and save us the legwork of finding them. Genius!

I can’t argue that I’d feel better if we had an army. Our plucky team against an organization of ancient vampires seems like poor odds to me.

Our first candidate arrived; Tiberius Valentus, a hulking Imperial with ash blonde hair and facial scars. Be still, my questionably beating heart.

To my surprise, my associates didn’t oppose me leading the interview. Soldier boy is from Cyrodiil. He’s a bit sketchy about portions of his past. He’s a little on the quiet side, seems mundane, doesn’t have any advanced knowledge of the Gray Host and their storms, and doesn’t seem to have an ounce of sexual energy in him. He’ll come around. He’s also afraid of jungles and deserts. I sense trauma there, but I’m not going to ask. Yet.

The sticking point seems to be his view on vampires. Rhys is quick to conceal his nature, and seems to have no qualms with keeping it hidden from even those close to him. I don’t think I have that kind of discipline and I feel that anyone that allies themselves with us should know what exactly they’re allying with.

However, the newcomer wasn’t getting our subtle prompts about what his reaction to a vampire would be. Eventually, I just laid my cards down and revealed myself. My nature, I mean. Thankfully, though he was sure to voice his apparent disgust, he decided to join our team. I doubt he’ll stick around for the after-party, though.

Before we could shake on it, the pale doctor Neretheim started having what originally appeared to be a panic attack, but quickly revealed itself to be a reaction to some sort of ordeal his mistress was going through at the time. We got him to bed and my lovely Bosmer Arigael managed to calm him down a bit, but there was no quelling his worries.

Rhys then decided he was going to investigate “a hunch” on his own and moved to depart. I caught him, told him what an idiot he was being, but there’s no dissuading him. He just kept assuring me he would be fine. Sure, he’ll just check on what’s anguishing an ancient vampire lord and be back in a flash. Certainly, it’s nothing more than the common flu. I managed to get the location he was traveling to so I’d know where to scrape up his remains, but gave up trying to stop him. Initially, I wanted to follow him, but if something happened to the rest of the group while I was away…

I attended to Tiberius, who was no doubt having second thoughts after what was unfolding around him. Thankfully, he was still set on helping us stop the storms, so I welcomed him to the team before he could run.

Afterwards, I checked in on the kids. Neretheim was beside himself with worry, and frankly, so am I. It’s funny, I would normally be overjoyed that a vampire lord was imperiled, but seeing the pale doctor suffer like that might not be worth it. We’re just going to trust that Rhys will get this sorted. Something of a tall order for the others, it would seem.

~Zeli Stroud