Main RP Recap - 12th Morning Star

Rhys still isn’t back. No, shut up, I just mean that we can’t make our next move until he and Thirrin are back in the fold. For now, we’re stuck waiting to see whether or not more respond to Rhys’ flier.

Strangely, the chieftain of the Murk-Eaters showed up on our doorstep with his adorable bristleback. I wonder if he’ll let me pet it. We discussed what he knew about the Gray Host, and sadly, it wasn’t much. Styriche was their king apparently, that was of interest to me, at least. From the sounds of it, they still haven’t succeeded in resurrecting him yet, so we might still be able to prevent it.

Currently, they’re in the process of trying to convince Reach clans to join their ranks, but for what purpose, the chieftain didn’t seem to know. He did, however, have a list of clans that were their most likely next targets and suggested we either convince them to ally with us or eliminate them entirely to undermine the Gray Host’s attempts.

The first group he mentioned were the Ashen Eye located in the Druadach mountains. Apparently a warrior clan that worships Malacath and fights with the neighboring orc clans of Wrothgar. I may have passed by them on my journey to Solitude. The chieftain doesn’t believe they’d join with the Gray Host unless forced to. I guess we’ll find out.

The second group is the Soul-Seethers. Vampirism is prevalent among them and they worship Molag Bal. He considers them the most likely to join with the Gray Host and suggests we kill them outright. Not that I enjoy the company of vampires, but I think we’ll still see how far diplomacy will take us before we start killing the undead. I might have a plan.

Finally, there’s the Silverblood Clan. Matriarchal Hircine worshippers. Many of them with Lycanthropy. The old chieftain seems fond of them in particular. He says they’ve been migrating recently and perhaps this could be due to displacement caused by the Gray Host. My little Bosmer Arigael seems to think they’re the most urgent. Typically, I save the best for last, but maybe I’ll indulge myself this time.

It’s nice to have a direction to go in, but the others are insistent we wait for the return of the wayward members of our group. Thirrin shouldn’t be long but we’ll have to continue on without Rhys if he takes too much longer. That’s if he comes back at all.

~Zeli Stroud