Main RP Recap - 14th Evening Star

I arrived back at the Bastion from my… interesting trip to Riften to find my little Bosmer, Arigael, discussing the journal with the pale doctor, Neretheim.

Unfortunately, he claimed to not know who the Murk-Eaters were and suggested this was part of some attempted attack on the Bastion; that this Styriche fellow is afraid of his lady, Catriona. I’m skeptical, to say the least, but if what he says is true, it puts us in the middle of an ancient bloodsucker’s game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Which, okay, is the most advantageous spot in a Tic-Tac-Toe board, so maybe it’s not the best analogy.

Both Arigael and I pressed him for more information on his boss, but he seems hopelessly clueless. Not knowing her general age, the purpose of the Bastion, or any possible history with Styriche. She has Neretheim wrapped around her finger, that much is clear. The sex must be mind-blowing.

What we did get out of the pale doctor was that he spotted red lights in the direction of Dusktown while we were gone. At first, we were curious if it was a harrowstorm, but the more he described it the less likely it seemed. While I suggested that we can’t police the caverns of Blackreach, I was overruled and we set out to see what the hubbub was.

Before departing, Neretheim decided to try his luck in getting one of the death hounds to follow us. After seeing that vampire get ripped in half, I was more than willing to let him try. Worst case scenario, he embarrasses himself. No, wait, worst case scenario he gets ripped in half because he offended the dogs.

Neither worst case came to pass. He got huffed at, then we set out.

What we found when we arrived at Dusktown was as disturbing as it was… confusing. Some sort of caravan was moving westward through the caverns, pausing as these red lights blinked into existence, remained for a couple minutes, then blinked out. It was hard to tell what we were looking at, but from our perspective, the group was growing.

I’m getting sick of surprises.

~Zeli Stroud