Main RP Recap - 16th Morning Star

We didn’t have much time to waste if the Silverblood clan was driven from their home by the Gray Host, so we mustered what group we could and set out to their last reported position. We ran into them near a bridge up north. Distressingly, there were six of them, and we were told that this is all that remains of the clan.

The group described being attacked by packs of wolves. Not werewolves, mind you, just the vanilla type. Only undead and apparently, according to the clan, unkillable. Unlikely, but I wasn’t going to tell them that they probably just got overtaken because they suck. Neretheim, on the other hand, didn’t have such restraint. Luckily, they didn’t try to kill us on the spot, and I sent them on their way to our safehouse.

We then headed downstream to the Silverblood clan’s former camp. There we saw, well, I guess what you’d expect: a lot of dead bodies and some spooky looking people gloating over them. Speaking of spooky, Neretheim said he had a plan, and while that would normally throw up some red flags for me, we decided to back up and let the little man do his thing. Sure enough, he got a dead body on the ground to twitch and explode, showing hot viscera on our Gray Host intruders. Morbid, but effective.

With our presence now loudly announced, the group set to clearing out the camp. We first dispatched the robed individuals, of which only one really put up a fight with his freaky vampire teleporting. Why can’t I do that?

That was the spooky people taken care of, but where were these unkillable wolves? Sure enough, just as I had voiced the question, a trio of undead dogs descended on us. Initially, they came after my gorgeous ass, but after my gloriously agile maneuvers deprived them of their meal, they turned on the pale doctor and tried to rip out his throat. I focused on making sure they didn’t succeed while Nord mountain Thirrin and shining armor Tiberius dealt with the other hounds.

Before I could lecture Neretheim on the importance of not dying, a hulking, undead lycanthrope came at us and all was chaos. Most of our attacks seemed to do nothing. I even tried stabbing her in the back, twice, a strategy that worked last time we went up against a behemoth, but she mostly just shrugged off this time. Even Thirrin’s axe to the face and Tiberius’ crossbow bolt didn’t slow her down.


Instead it was the spooky doctor who crammed a corpse down her throat and exploded it within her that finally felled the beast. Again, morbid, but effective.

With the camp seemingly cleared, we then got around to discussing our next move. One thing that disturbed me was that the spooky people we dispatched first referred to the giant beast as “Pentarch Aeora,” Aeora being the matriarch of the tribe and pentarch being what seems to be a high rank in the Gray Host. We need more information to know whether the matriarch betrayed the clan or was somehow raised from the dead and assigned that role. However, I don’t know how to breach the subject with her daughter, one of the surviving Silverblood.

Meanwhile, Tiberius wanted to loot the place and loudly complained that he’d have to pay out of pocket for a cure disease to prevent any unwanted lycanthropy. I didn’t realize he was so materially motivated. I wonder if he realizes we aren’t paying him.

~Zeli Stroud