Main RP Recap - 17th Frostfall

The hunger was starting to get to me, so I was happy to find myself at the familiar setting of a tavern; my usual hunting grounds. I needed a bite before the pleasant Bosmer Arigael got a papercut and I lost all control.

Business first, however. We were there to recruit. Mad science guy Neretheim insisted the team needed a meat umbrella in case it started raining arrows on us.

I got ready in a dress I had found at the Bastion. A dour little number, but it fit the contours of my body in all the right places. Still, I wish it showed off more of my scars. My Bosmer, Arigael, and the bloodsucker Nilana were both dressed in their finest potato sacks while Nilana did her best impression of a mortal. I guess I’m just too honest to hide my nature.

We were quickly rewarded with the sight of a towering Nord entering the bar. She definitely fit the description: big, meaty, obviously capable of wielding an entire cow as a weapon. I turned on my charm and went in for the kill. Bad choice of words, what I mean to say is, I tried to offer incentive to get the Nord to join our cause.

I got reprimanded for my approach. I maintain that, when left to my own devices, I can be quite convincing after I manage to break the ice, but the others felt the need to step in and throw me off my game. They weren’t that much better at convincing the giantess. After all, how is one supposed to believe that a plucky Bosmer, a diminutive elf with a skin condition, and a sexually aggressive vampire were trying to save the world from… vampires?

I eventually stepped in to give them some direction on their stammered pitch. I learned the warrior’s name was, appropriately, Thirrin Strongarm (Nords have such self-aggrandizing names, don’t they?) and she hailed from Hjaalmarch. Western Skyrim. Harrowstorm central. Bullseye.

From there, it was a hop-skip-and-a-jump to swaying the Nord to our cause. On one condition: I wasn’t allowed to touch her. Oh, my massive little cupcake, it will take more than that to throw me off the hunt. Bad choice of words, I just mean I won’t be dissuaded so easily. Not when she commands such a massive set of hands that close around my throat in my most decadent dreams.

Our prize firmly in our grasp, fellow bloodsucker Nilana and I went out into the night for a bite and a drink before catching up to the group. I typically prefer to have my meals served at a tavern, or better yet, in a warm bed, but it’s sometimes nice to just get out with the girls.

~Zeli Stroud