Main RP Recap - 19th Sun's Dusk

Oh, you’ll never guess who I ran into again.

The whole gang and I were pursuing those spooky lights through Blackreach when we got close enough to finally figure out what they were. Apparently a cadre of mages were ripping people’s souls from their bodies, leaving them as harrowed. Were those storms not effective enough? Needed a more direct approach?

We followed them back to their camp where we found that they had a bunch of Reachmen in captivity. One got hauled out in front of the mages, which is when my little Bosmer, Arigael, stepped in with a distraction. This succeeded in freeing the Reachman who then promptly got mauled to death by harrowfiends. Great. Awesome.

The mages then followed the sound to Neretheim who was doing a poor job at hiding. I, on the other hand, had taken to stealth like a log to water, but made the mistake of giggling at the pale man’s misfortune. I am only human. Sort of.

Then oblivion broke loose and, honestly, I have difficulty unraveling the chaos. What I can say is that in the fighting, my mountain flower, Thirrin, got mobbed by harrowfiends while freeing Reachmen. Oh, and one of the Grey Host warriors turned on the others. Oh, also I got set on fire.

Listen, I’m a girl who can handle pain. Some might say I even enjoy it. Others might say I enjoy it a little too much. But this is the first time I’ve ever experienced being burnt as a vampire. It kind of went off my spectrum. If I had to describe it, it’s like half of my body ceased to exist and was instead replaced by pure agony. It’s like someone had peeled up the skin from my back and drove hot nails into my flesh. It was like being dragged by a horse across a field of broken glass. All of these analogies sound a little too sexy to be accurate, but I digress. It hurt. A lot.

I once thought of being burned to death as one of my preferred ways to leave this world. I’ll maybe knock it down a few notches, but on the other hand, death is a lot like sex: It’s not supposed to be fun, but as intelligent beings, we have ways to make it fun.

Anyway, despite being inflamed, I pressed on the attack, first trying to free Thirrin from her aggressors, then turning on the dude who set me back ablaze. Thirrin managed to get free from the harrowfiends and separate one of the mages heads from their shoulders with one mighty swing of her axe.

Then things got weird.

Neretheim decided that the best way to put out the flames that threatened to consume me was to bleed on me. A lot. I’m not upset, just surprised that it worked.

Meanwhile, the Grey Host traitor popped his top and it turned out to be Aidan in disguise! Or does he go by Rhys? I can’t keep it straight. He had a legendary hissy fit and threw his helmet at the remaining mage and, rather than just embarrassing himself, somehow internally decapitated our last aggressor.

With the battle won, we turned to more important matters, like removing my armor before the smoldering metal hardware on it fused to my skin. Also, the group released a witch whose clan has been warring with the Grey Host. Finally, Rhys had to make up with his brother, Neretheim, but without apologizing, because he’s a man and they don’t do that.

Actually, I’m not entirely certain they are brothers. Neretheim claims they’re not, but I don’t know if it’s a literal, “We’re not related,” kind of way or a defiant, “I have no brother,” sort of meaning.

Either way, talks between the old associates went nowhere, so Rhys went his own direction while the rest of us decided to walk the witch home. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed, but it’s also none of my concern right now.

~Zeli Stroud