Main RP Recap - 21st Frostfall

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I guess this is on me for hesitating. As we exited the tavern, a stranger was on the steps, affixing some sort of poster. I was eager to catch up to Nilana when I noticed something about the stranger that gave me pause.

Another damned bloodsucker.

It would be fine if the little Bosmer Arigael simply passed him by as I did, but she stopped. Of course she did. The meat mountain, Thirrin Strongarm, was still an unknown quantity and I’d never forgive myself if something happened to my lovely Bosmer.

My hunger could wait, I suppose.

He introduced himself as Tyrannus Valensius. Seemed pleasant enough, but he strangely recognized the Bosmer and me. He was searching for information on the harrowstorms ravaging Western Skyrim and on Aidan what’s-his-face; the guy whose marriage I scuppered on the rocks of Cape Stroud. I barely knew the guy, but still I was considered an associate. Great. Like there weren’t enough people chasing me.

Then he offered me candy. The oldest trick in the book. But this wasn’t just any candy. The moment I took it in my hands, I knew immediately what it was. I couldn’t just trust the guy, and initially refused, passing it off to the little Bosmer. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t wait any longer. I smelled blood, heard it pumping through the veins of my mortal companions.

I couldn’t contain the hunger. The weakness I was demonstrating in front of my teammates frustrated me.

Finally I gave in, I took the candy back from the Bosmer and fed it into my mouth. It tasted like blood. A euphoria washed over me, replacing the hunger.

It was then back to business. Tyrannus claimed he wanted to see an end to the harrowstorms and offered us a princely sum should we succeed. The Bosmer refused initially, but accepted his offer for additional resources and contacts. I suppose we can discuss the money later.

As conversation often does at a bar, we shifted to casual flirting. The man was all over me, even insisting I be introduced to his wife. My opportunity proved close at hand, as his wife, whose name I don’t believe I was provided, chose that moment to drop in. Another neck-biter. I should have guessed.

I think we hit it off pretty well. I complimented the woman on her gorgeous figure, and she showed appreciation for my former station in life. It was a pleasant evening all around, but I think I’ve had my fill of vampires for a while.

~Zeli Stroud