Main RP Recap - 23rd Morning Star

What a day. Thirrin and I were bringing my little Bosmer, Arigael, up to speed on the fight we had at the Silverblood camp when their current matriarch overheard us talking about her mom. We were then put in the awkward position of letting her know her mom might have been part of the Gray Host, willing or unwilling.

It didn’t go well.

I did my best, but cut me some slack, it’s a difficult subject. So eventually she stomped off, deluded that we were lying to her. I think I’m going to avoid eye contact for a while.

Then we were visited by a blind lady from the Cinder-Hearts, Angra. The Murk-Eater patriarch didn’t mention them, but I thought I’d ask if they’d be willing to join our cause anyway.

Big mistake.

Initially, she said no. Then she said she would talk to her clan if we agreed to cede land captured by the Gray Host to the Cinder-Hearts. Okay, couple problems with this: First, if we give up all the vacated land, where will the clans currently in our care go? Second, we’re not the Reach guard. We can’t settle land disputes and ensure that borders are respected. In all honesty, it was a stupid request to begin with, which I politely told her. Then Thirrin told her. Then I told her a little less politely. Then I started threatening her.

My bluff didn’t work, partially because Thirrin wouldn’t play along. The witch just wouldn’t stop talking. She just kept looking down her nose at us like she was all high and mighty and wise. I don’t even know what a Vateshran is, but I’m sure I could take a magical blind lady, whether she wagged her fire stick in my face or not.

So while Thirrin tried telling her how stupid the Reach is, and I was busy explaining how stupid this witch is, the pale doctor, Neretheim, showed up. Okay, couple problems with this: First, he was way too polite with someone who we had already explained was a bitch. It’s irksome that he’ll insult the Silverbloods to their face but will lend an ear to our porch squatter. Second problem is that he told her the exact same thing we did, and then she wanted more information.

I went off the handle and told her, in no uncertain terms, to get off our lawn. Apparently my earlier threats were so effective, she had planted herself in place out of fear. She wouldn’t run away. She wouldn’t bargain or plead for her life. She just sat there lecturing us until I finally admitted I was bluffing and kicked her out the door.

~Zeli Stroud