Main RP Recap - 24th Frostfall

This is the story of how I wound up in nothing but my panties in the vast underworld of Blackreach.

In my defense, I didn’t exactly anticipate that I’d be fighting in a skirt and corset. I had just returned to Blackreach with the little Bosmer Arigael and the towering Nord Thirrin, when we encountered an interesting sight: a witch towing a retinue of harrowed. I wonder if she knew Neretheim.

The team and I tried to get in for a closer look when Arigael blew cover and was attacked. Madame Battleaxe was first into action but only succeeded in making the witch angrier, which resulted in her transforming into a massive werewolf behemoth with rippling muscles, sharp teeth, and a fierce expression. Be still my questionably beating heart.

It was also the perfect occasion to put the sword I stole from that werewolf hunter to use. I vaulted off the Nord and slashed at the beast’s majestic face. Instantly I was rewarded with a fountain of face-blood and a swat for my efforts. The beast’s claws had torn my dress and some of my flesh. Well, I guess it wasn’t my dress, but it definitely was my flesh. Arigael attempted to kiss it better, but it would take more than tender loving care to close wounds from claws that huge.

While the Nord warmed up her axe, I leapt back into action and succeeded only in making myself look foolish, receiving yet another delicious raking. Did I mention I was topless by this point? I prefer not to wear a bra with a corset; force of habit.

Thirrin managed to land a fierce blow while the little Bosmer attempted to keep my organs from falling out. I once again leapt into action, this time getting behind the beast and driving my sword into its back. I was well-poised to deal a finishing blow when Arigael skewered it with her magic. Glory hound.

I was about to finally feed on the now incapacitated witch when Arigael distracted me and a monsterous vampire lord swept it from my grasp. Catriona. The owner of the castle we’ve been using as a base. Supposedly the mistress Neretheim wouldn’t shut up about. I hope she doesn’t notice I ruined her dress.

I'm sure she was instantly charmed by my partial nudity and aroused by my extensive scars.

Her majesty insisted that we leave the witch alive for Neretheim to interrogate. By Sanguine’s blushing face, everyone seems to have it out for my meal time. It didn’t sound like we had much of an option, though. I hope she doesn’t notice that I’ve been napping in her giant bed.

~Zeli Stroud