Main RP Recap - 26th Sun's Dusk

The group got topside again and met back up with Rhys before making camp. Neretheim, in his weakened state, claimed the tent to himself, which left the rest of us to catch up around the fire. It was a pretty rare respite between fighting vampires and meeting with a Reach clan.

The conversation initially revolved around what each of us knew of the Reach, which happens to not amount to much. I passed through the area on my way to Solitude, but I didn’t exactly stop to talk to the denizens. Arigael only knows what she learned in books. Local girl, Thirrin, hasn’t been out this way.

It was then that Neretheim emerged from his slumber wearing a revealing little number that I won’t be able to erase from my memories no matter how innumerable my remaining years may yet be. The conversation then turned to… bickering. Rhys seems to be trying to open Neretheim’s eyes to his mistress’s true machinations, but Neretheim is utterly devoted to that queen bloodsucker and bitter towards his half-brother.

It was honestly hard to follow the complexities of their relationships, so I asked to see the documents Rhys had brought to convince Neretheim. Its contents were predictable but concerning all the same. It seemed to be the thoughts of Rhys’ surrogate father, an ancient vampire of some relation to Neretheim’s lady. It documented what I generally expect from all ancient vampires; somewhere along the way they lose touch with their mortality and treat those still living as disposable. That was his claim written out, anyway. Neretheim refuses to believe it.

I can’t help but pity the pale doctor. Having put my faith and loyalty in a master, only to have him try and throw me away when I was no longer of value to him… I don’t really want to see someone else go through that.

Nonetheless, I shudder to think of us having to go up against one ancient vampire lord, let alone two. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experiences battling the Gray Host it’s that, well, I’ve got a lot to learn. A vampire with blood as fresh as mine isn’t much of a match against one that has been at it for centuries or even generations.

One thing at a time, though. We need to focus. We need to deal with the Gray Host first.

Which means dealing with the Murk-Eaters clan and learning what help they can offer. Rhys has elected the two of us to go on ahead to find the Reach clan. He also mentioned something about speaking in private, though frankly, I’m more interested in something else two people do in private.

Speaking of private, I feel myself being more trusting towards Rhys than I would with other vampires. Maybe it’s because he’s more forthcoming and transparent than I’m used to from my kind. Maybe it’s because, like me, he hasn’t lost touch with his mortality. Or maybe, and most worryingly, I’m just a sucker for a pretty face and he makes me let my guard down. Stay focused, Zeli. Never trust a vampire.

~Zeli Stroud