Main RP Recap - 2nd Morning Star

We arrived at the Murk-Eaters’ village as the sun was setting. Finally. However, what we found there was… nothing at all. Very few signs of activity, no one there to meet us, only an armored sentry. A vampire, of course. It looked like the Gray Host got here first.

I elected to go and talk to the sentry. What was the worst that could happen? I get myself killed? He wasn’t exactly in the talking mood, but I had a few approaches to try. That was until Lord Handsomeface, Rhys, tried to impress us all by throwing a dagger across the stream and missed spectacularly. The sentry immediately attempted to make his getaway, something I barely prevented by adding a few new holes to his head.

The little Reachwitch who was with us was in a hurry, and rightfully so given that the state of her village and family were in the balance. Even still, the group lagged behind until we heard the approach of Death Hounds. Three of them.

Rhys tried scowling at them. It didn’t work. I tried my shortsword, which was much more effective.

The Nord beauty, Thirrin, tripped one of the dogs, but the other nabbed my shoulder. Rhys dislodged it, allowing me to deliver the killing blow. Meanwhile, Thirrin did what she does best and axed the third dog.

I thought we were making good time, but the witch charged recklessly ahead yet again, no doubt trying to upstage me. I pushed my way ahead of her, coming face to face with a massive Nord vampire who greeted me by jamming his axe into my shoulder. Seems our little healer, Arigael, would be working overtime. I returned the sentiment by stabbing him in the gut. Thirrin then gave him a taste of her axe and Neretheim drained him of whatever blood remained.

Finally, we were at the supposed meeting place that the sentry mentioned. Inside, we found a Bloodknight antagonizing a feeble old man; the witch’s father, from what I understand. Rhys tried to lead the hulking, muscular, irresistible vampire away, but nearly got the old man killed for his efforts. Then I pulled down the Bloodknight’s pants and Rhys got puked on. I’m only now realizing how ridiculous that sounds.

Using fire, silver, and axe, we were able to topple the Pentarch right on top of Rhys. Thirrin and I freed the brave Imperial who refused to put out for his gallant rescuer. Also, Neretheim puked on us again, which may have killed the mood.

Unfortunately, it looks like we were too late to save most of the Murk-Eaters. At least the witch’s father survived, but she doesn’t seem too happy about that. In any case, we’re going to have to get Neretheim back on his feet and find out what happened here. I’m not sure what help the tribe is going to be now that all its warriors are dead, but it doesn’t cost anything to find out.

~Zeli Stroud