Main RP Recap - 30th Morning Star

Back at full strength, the group set out to meet with the Ashen Eye clan. The Murk-Eaters chief seems to think that they’re an honorable bunch, which makes sense since they apparently worship Malacath, the patron Daedra of revenge and honor.

Negotiations went surprisingly well. They were already in bed with the Gray Host, but were getting fairly sick of their best warriors being borrowed and never returned. However, they wanted something from us. In return for their aid, we had to deal with the Orc clan that they’ve been butting heads with for yonks.

We already agreed not to try and mediate The Reach, I know, but I’ve been hankering to fight some mortals for a change, so I offered my assistance. Rhys backed me and I knew I could count on Tiberius’ bigotry, but the Orcs haven’t directly wronged us, so I was surprised that Thirrin and Arigael agreed to come along. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have been that surprised when they suggested we should talk to them.

So, we set off to some remote part of Wrothgar, high in the mountains, where we finally walked into the Bor clan’s stronghold. Tiberius was quick to make friends with the sentry who pointed us in the wrong direction. We didn’t figure that out until we fed their pet Welwa and I ate their mightiest anatomical expert. Then it became obvious we were in the barracks. We maybe should have clued in when we saw all the sleeping, drunk Orcs.

My little Bosmer Arigael got another sentry to ignore us and we found our way to the throne room. I tattled on the first sentry, apparently named Akash, getting her reprimanded by the Chief. It was quite cathartic seeing her get decked after she sent us on the scenic route.

The Chief wasn’t keen on listening to our proposals for an alliance, though. That was until the pale doctor Neretheim spoke up against our best efforts and suggested that, without intervention, the Gray Host would wipe out the Ashen Eye before his clan got the chance. Somehow, that convinced the Orc that the Gray Host was a greater threat. I’m not complaining. Considering we wanted to gag Neretheim so he wouldn’t screw up our diplomacy, this was quite the turn of events. Not that I’m going to reconsider letting him talk.

That went better than expected. Sort of. I didn’t get hit on by any of the drunken Orcs, so my pride is injured, but no one else in the group is. Less violence than I was hoping for, but we’ll try to improve next time.

~Zeli Stroud