Main RP Recap - 5th Evening Star

I was in the midst of explaining the gravity of new information I had learned about Thirrin, our towering Nord, to Arigael when the dogs started barking outside. I didn’t think much of it, but the others seemed concerned.


As it would turn out, there was nothing to worry about. The two death hounds were perfectly capable of ripping our would-be intruder in twain. It was a bloodsucker, and not one that we cared about, so my cheeks would be staying dry. He may have been a member of this Gray Host that we had learned about, but I found little to prove this theory on the individual halves of the body.

I was satisfied at the deadness of the vampire and the effectiveness of our guard dog defense system, but the others found concern in the neckbiter’s last words, which he seemed to use to call out to “Carollus” and “Lin.” My first thought was that he believed they resided in The Bastion and simply got the wrong house, but Arigael and Thirrin were convinced that the names were of companions of the intruder and that we should go looking for them.


We left the security of the Bastion. It was quiet, but my mountain flower, Thirrin, spotted a suspicious light on the cliff above us. I led the way to investigate, but my attempts at subterfuge were dashed when we were ambushed by a pair of bloodsuckers. A man-pire and a lady-pire. They attacked my precious forest lily, Arigael, which I was intent to not let happen again. I leapt into battle and gracefully nearly got myself killed. Unfortunately, Arigael held me together with her healing magic. I know, I was disappointed too.

It took us a while to gain the upper hand, or, well, any sort of hand at all. They were fast, something I’ve come to expect from vampires of a certain vintage. I managed to get a few solid hits in on Mrs. Vampire before finally forcing her to eat my sword. I mean literally, I shoved it into her mouth and out a brand new hole I made for her in the back of her head.

Neither Thirrin or I could get a solid hit on Mr. Vampire, until finally, the Nord breathed fire on him and sliced him neatly in half like a bagel. It was a magical moment as upper half and bottom half said their final farewells and went their separate ways.

Searching the newly created carcasses once again revealed nothing. These people didn’t even pack enough for a picnic. However, nearby we found their camp and in it was a journal. Scanning through it, we found mention of the witch I had eaten and how awesome we were for taking her down. The last entry was a little more cryptic, mentioning the “Murk-Eaters” and an alliance with the lord of the old citadels. Something about it troubled me, but little has happened in recent days that hasn’t had that effect on me.

We decided to speak to the pale doctor, Neretheim, about these developments. I’m also going to need to take some time to mend my armor, as it took a beating. I’ve never been a very effective leatherworker for some reason. I wonder if there’s a class I could take when I’m not living deep underground.

~Zeli Stroud