Main RP Recap - 9th Sun's Dusk

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

As commanded by High Vampire Overlord What’s-Her-Face, we arrived back at the Bastion with our newly kidnapped giant witch. The walk had brought some clarity to the situation; the comments made by the vampire lord, the sadistic tendencies of our group’s alchemist. The witch certainly didn’t seem like she was in the talking mood; the only remaining option sent a shiver down my spine. Torture.

I should have eaten her when I had the chance.

Thankfully, it seemed I had the rest of the group on my side. Thirrin and Elvinia adamantly objected to Neretheim’s attempt to extract information from the witch. Arigael was also opposed, and with the team stacked against him, Neretheim backed down to go and pout.

The group was, admittedly, without someone silver tongued enough to get information from an enemy without threatening violence. Oh, wait. There was me. But I’m more accustomed to talking my way into someone’s pants. This was new to me, but I tried not to show it.

I turned on my charm and spoke to the witch. She hated me, which I can’t really blame her for. Beyond the normal reasons for hating me, I also slashed her face and stabbed her in the back which can be difficult to forgive. I still was able to make inroads, and she even offered me a deal: if I stepped into the cage with her, she’d answer my questions.

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not actually stupid, despite what some would tell you. I took a moment to gauge the witch’s intentions, weighed what my chances would be in a fight, then stepped inside.

I had three questions I needed answers for: what, why, and who. The witch, true to her word, provided me with all of them. The harrowstorms were used to create vessels (what) to resurrect the Gray Host (why), more specifically, Styriche, their leader (who). I didn’t recognize any of those names, but figured my more scholarly associates would, and if not, we could find out.

But first, there was something I had to do.

The witch had expended her usefulness. It was clear we weren’t going to let her go, and I certainly wasn’t about to let Neretheim experiment on or torture her. I decided I was the only person I could trust to deliver her mercy, so I moved in to feed. Unfortunately, she fought back. In the chaos I severed her arm with the sword I took from the Silver Dawn and attempted again to put her out of her misery.

That’s when the group stepped in. Neretheim yanked the witch away while Arigael held me back. Why? Neretheim, up to that point, had been complaining that we had brought the witch at all, and Arigael… well, I had hoped she’d at least trust me.

I fought to put an end to things, which is when Elivinia returned, bleeding from the hand as an attempt to entice me away from my prey. All at once, it hit me. As the group looked on in horror, I felt there was something appropriate about the witch and I together in the cage. They thought we were monsters.

The realization dawned on me that these people thought I was driven only by hunger, that it overwhelmed my already questionable moral code. I’d be the first to admit that I struggle with it. I’ve only been a vampire for a relatively short amount of time, and I still lack the discipline it takes to keep it under control. To keep my sanity, I had adjusted to accept it as a part of my nature. But hunger wasn’t what drove me at that moment, and I had hoped they had trusted that.

I was disgusted and, admittedly, hurt. Moreso when Arigael suddenly turned on me in defense of Neretheim’s methods. The little Bosmer; she seems to still see things in black and white, and for whatever reason, Neretheim dropped into the white column.

Elivinia was more sympathetic. Although she had disrespected me by treating me like an animal hunting for the sweetest piece of meat, she seemed to abhor the idea of the witch suffering as much as I did. Still, she had made the assumption that I had lost control.

I had some thinking to do. My questions about the sort of people I had allied myself with only grew, and when even my closest companions seemed to view me as some sort of leashed animal, I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Maybe they were correct, maybe I am a monster, but I was beginning to feel the overwhelming need to prove everyone wrong.

~Zeli Stroud