Main RP Recap - 14th Frostfall

I thought I was done with these people.

I returned to Blackreach on the heels of the bloodsucker and her pet dog… Oh, I’m sorry, the archivist is telling me I have to use names if I want to be transcribed. So, let me start over.

I followed bloodsucker Nilana and her pet dog, Valtani, back to the Bastion from Rawl’kha. I had left all my things behind, and needed to retrieve them. Listen, I have expensive taste in make-up, and I wasn’t sure when I’d next have the opportunity to kill a Silver Dawn member for their armor (I wonder if Valtani ever noticed I was wearing werewolf hide the whole time?)

My plan was to show up, grab my stuff while everyone was exchanging hugs, and get out before anyone noticed me, but immediately at the gate, Valtani took off to parts unknown and bloodsucker Nilana got into a fight with Vemyn, the bald elf. This left our kidnapping victim, Elivinia, standing at the doorstep, and sure enough, the little Bosmer, Arigael was there to meet her.

I tried my hardest to recount the previous night’s events in accurate detail. The kidnapping, the fight, my victory over werewolf kind. Elivinia was the crazed scientist Neretheim’s sister and she was here because he didn’t know anything about soul magic.

We were taken to the top of the Bastion where we found Neretheim to be less than receptive to the presence of his sister and his gallant returning adventurer. I tried my best to get his attention with my feminine wiles, but he was so absorbed in his own world that he refused our help and care. He didn’t even seem bothered by the fact that a werewolf and vampire had kidnapped his sister. In fact, he seemed more upset about Valtani’s departure.

While the other two women pleaded with the feverish alchemist to take rest or accept help, I took action. Using knowledge from my years of being repeatedly drugged, I located a bottle of anesthetic and flung the liquid into Neretheim’s face. He complained about petty things like organ and tissue damage, but eventually fell inert. I tucked the little scientist into bed with a kiss, then it was girl time.

The first topic of discussion was recruitment. Apparently, I’m not good enough to protect the little cadre by myself, despite my proven stabbing abilities, so the decision was made to find more adventurers to join us in our efforts to save the world. By the sounds of it, we’ll be seeking help in a tavern; the natural habitat of the adventurer-for-hire.

It was at about that time that Arigael began pouring her darling little heart out to me. She pleaded with me to stay with the team, believing there to be good buried somewhere in my vampiric heart. It was lackluster in convincing me. After all, what care did I have for a world that had thrown me away? Why does it matter whether I’m good or evil?

But, I couldn’t break the little Bosmer’s heart. I acquiesced to stay for now. In the future, we’d discuss my purpose on the team, but for now, I need a bath, a change of make-up, and someone to braid my hair.

~Zeli Stroud