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Preparing for 2021!

Your leadership team over at The Wyrm's Rest had a lengthy meeting on Sunday to discuss our plans and goals for the new year, and decisions were made that will benefit us all in the long run if we continue to maintain consistency.

Effective Immediately

The Great "Purge" of 2020

Starting this week, you might notice a significant decrease from our in-game guild roster. While it is nice to see over 150 members from a GM perspective, it can potentially give the wrong impression to a new member if they come in and see a third of listed members are inactive for extended periods of time.

The pruning process will begin in phases, if only to show mercy to our poor Guild History tab.

  • Day One: Members inactive for 20 months or more will be removed.

  • Day Two: Members inactive for 16 months or more will be removed.

  • Day Three: Members inactive for 12 months or more will be removed.

  • Day Four: Members inactive for 8 months or more will be removed.

Once this initial process is complete, the new rule will be that all members inactive for 8 months without active communication in Discord will be removed from the guild. Members removed from the guild WON'T be kicked from our Discord server, and they will still be able to return at any time if they choose to do so.

Removal of Community Days

Try as we might, we have found little success in hosting Community Days on Fridays with both our attempts this year. Player availability is seemingly at its weakest point on Friday, and rather than try to force something that will likely not come to pass, we will instead be using this slot as our default Creative Team Day.

Creative Team Days, formerly known as "Staff Days", are essentially the guild's day off so our team members can have time to focus more on side projects and personal commitments. Aside from Friday, there could potentially be an additional Creative Team Day scheduled in advance at any given point during the week. The goal is to not exceed more than two days off.

No More Cancellations

On the topic of Creative Team Day limits, we will no longer be clearing event slots as a default cancellation method. In place of a cancelled event, we will resort to casual RP to ensure there is SOMETHING available for our members. Unless a host is the only participating member in the casual RP event, there will be no more cancellations.

The Fate of PvE/PvP Events

We have ultimately decided to keep group PvE on our schedule, but the primary focus behind these events will be more casual and informative rather than straight grinding. With the ability to join up to five guilds at one time, most players will join dedicated PvE or PvP guilds for higher difficulty content if that is something they want out of ESO. This doesn't mean we'll shy away completely from our own trials and veteran dungeons, but they will be fewer and far between, and they won't be scheduled purely for gear. Our intentions moving forward is to help our members learn the three different roles and various PvE mechanics they will encounter in those types of content.

In addition to these "PvE Workshops", zone exploration events will return to aid our members in achievement progression and zone completion.

Due to lack of interest and player availability, we will not be reserving a slot for PvP events at this time. However, we will remain open to the idea of members organizing PvP groups during their free time, and we will keep a watchful eye for these occurrences in the event someone wants us to reconsider this decision.

Help Wanted: Creative Team & PvE Leads

At this time, we have decided that we do not need a fourth officer to assist us in keeping this ship sailing. This is subject to change within the next couple of months as we aim to recruit more in-game, and there are a lot of uncertainties in player activity between now and then. When it does come time to promote someone to officer status, that new officer will be tasked with recruitment, member organization, and Guild Finder applications.

What we DO need right now are support roles. We are looking for two Creative Members and two PvE Leads to help us prepare for Q1 next year. An application will be posted on the website and Discord before the end of the week.

Q1 & Q2: 2021

Guild Roleplay

Roleplay events will be structured differently to ensure that ALL of our guild roleplayers are properly accommodated and feel involved. Core RP events will no longer be the sole responsibility of one DM, but a small team of people from the Creative Team that are able and willingly to work together. Not only will the writing process behind these events change to be more organized and consistent, but it should improve the over all flow of the progression in our stories.

So how do we plan to do this?

  • As previously stated, core storylines will no longer be controlled by one person. It will be a collaborative effort between a small team.

  • There will no longer be "special characters", or DM controlled characters that are actively involved in over all progression in larger scale RP events. It has been proven that these characters are a detriment to progression, especially when the player behind the character is suddenly unavailable when the story relies on their presence. Not only that, but we want our PLAYERS to have more personal involvement with whatever it is we are trying to do. The designated person from the writing team that is in control of a core RP event will serve only as the active storyteller, not a stand alone guide. Their writing and NPCs will guide the way.

  • The writing team will be required to preplan events ahead a time and prepare scene drafts. This will help us if the person previously hosting a core RP event becomes unavailable, as the next person can just follow a "roadmap" to continue the story.

We are currently waiting on Zenimax to announce the new Chapter so we can begin proper planning for the guild's next story arc. The goal is to conclude our current Greymoor themed plot by March at the very latest.

Our main stories will "return to our roots" in a sense, meaning that our tavern system will be brought back for regrouping and recruitment in order to prevent the new arc from falling into the same hole as the Greymoor theme. We don't want our main focus to be closed off, and we will be doing whatever we can to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Hunter's Glade is currently at stage 3 out of 5, meaning it should reach its conclusion around the same time as the main story arc. Once Hunter's Glade has officially ended, it will be done for good. It will be replaced by a new theme so our members can explore a new lore topic, likely related to another Daedric Prince. These secondary plotlines will now only last for 4-6 months, and themes will be chosen based off overall demand from our community. A conclusion of these secondary stories does NOT mean the end for the characters or settings involved, as they are still very much a part of the guild canon.

A poll will be opening soon to collect feedback from our members on what the next theme should be in place of Hunter's Glade. In the mean time, it is listed as a card in our Trello Board, meaning we will be looking for ideas starting... Now!

Contests & Raffles

Raffles will remain on hold until member activity picks back up, but when that time finally comes, they will be structured differently than they were before. Rather than host them on a week basis, our raffles will now be a monthly event with set themes in place. As an example, if the theme of the month is guild RP hubs, gold donations and furnishing materials would go into the pot to earn the member raffle tickets for the end of the month drawing. The default prizes for raffles will no longer include Crown Store items. We will be using unspent guild funds to purchase rare motifs, recipes, and other harder to obtain items to use as prizes.

Our Creative Team will now have a hand in writing future contest themes, and we will do our best to ensure that these contests are more accessible to all members of the guild. Contests will typically only happen around the time of big in-game events, such as New Life Festival, but there could be a rare chance they can pop up at random to promote member engagement. Contests will be the only time Crown Store items can be available as a prize, but in-game items will still remain as the general preference.