• Nightblade.Echo

Quest: The Littlest Sentry

"The Mages Guild takes great pride in raising a special breed of “sentry” cats as a means of detecting unwanted visitors within their halls. With their big ears and keen senses, they are able to warn their magisters of magically concealed threats, and even beings from the realms of Oblivion! They play an essential role in maintaining peace and order, and look absolutely adorable doing so.

"Which is why it is of great concern that the Mages Guild of Mournhold is missing several of their beloved big-eared sentry cats, including the most recent addition to their family, a ginger kitten lovingly named “Batkitty”. We aren’t quite sure how it all happened, especially in regards to our more experienced sentries that have undergone their training, but accidents happen--typically in the form of careless apprentices that forget to close doors behind them.

"But our Batkitty hasn’t gone through all the required training to become a certified guild sentry cat, and as a result, she has proven to be more difficult in locating. Fortunately, one of the local merchants that runs a stall in the Royal Bazaar reported to us that he saw a kitten by our description trying to play with a tomato like ball at Comestibulary… before being shooed away with a broom by the grocer. While we had no such luck in finding her at the time of the report, it was quite likely that the poor kitten was frightened by the ordeal and resorted to hiding.

Comestibulary in Mournhold

"Despite what some may believe, we mages cannot be everywhere at once, and our ranks are currently stretched thin. We need outside help in retrieving our kitten. We remain convinced that the Royal Bazaar is an excellent lead, particularly around Comestibulary as the little beast is sure to be hungry, and we are offering ten-thousand Drakes to everyone that assists in Batkitty’s safe return to our hall. But be warned! Even without her training, Batkitty is still sensitive to dark and otherworldly energies and can become frightened if brought into contact with such. Mournhold is a large city, and there is no telling what sort of presence may linger within its bustling crowds.

"If you are able to secure the kitten, please return her to our hall at once to receive your reward. "

Quest Rewards:

*Active participants are players that are engaging in the event. Members that are simply shadowing to see how things are conducted will not receive quest rewards.


This is a casual adventure style roleplay event available to all members wanting to participate in The Wyrm's Rest. There are no character restrictions, meaning anyone from the guild will be able to join. However, certain concepts and alignments can potentially have more of an impact than others, going as far as affecting the overall difficulty of the event for players involved.

"The Littlest Sentry" is currently planned to be hosted on Sunday, February 21st, by 8:00PM EST. The group will be formed in-game within the Royal Bazaar area of Mournhold. If you are new to the guild's overworld events, we handle things in a private manner to not create a disturbance in the public zone while providing a comfortable environment for participants. All emotes and dialogue are contained within /group, with OOC chat moved to guild chat or Discord. Game Master posts are posted through the in-game officer chat.

This event won't be purely overland. During quest turn-in phase, players will be asked to port to Nightblade.Echo's "Velothi Reverie", which serves as the new private Mages Guild RP hub for The Wyrm's Rest. In regards to this particular event, the hub will act as one of the wings/corridors of the Mournhold Hall. The drawing for the Runebox will take place during this phase via Discord bot. This decision was made to give a safe and private area for RP to continue even after the quest event has finished.

While this will not be a combat focused event, a session in ESO Rollplay will be open for participating members to assist in certain scenarios that may occur, as well as training for brand new players that haven't yet experienced Rollplay.