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Recruit Guide: Black Banner (2022)

Updated: Apr 23

Black Banner is a lore-friendly outlaw themed story hosted by TheBobbyLlama every Tuesday and Wednesday between 8:30 PM and 12:00 AM EST beginning on February 2nd, 2022. This will be the third season for the storyline, and it is set to have up to 13 individual sessions. Black Banner is scheduled to end by mid to late March, but there will be plenty of opportunities for you to join throughout its duration!

In this guide, we will explain the core aspects and requirements for Black Banner to help you prepare for your first sign-up. If you have questions or concerns that aren't covered in the guide, please contact TheBobbyLlama in-game or in Discord.


Table of Contents

  1. Meet the Characters

  2. Who Can Join?

  3. How Events are Structured

  4. Signing Up for the First Time


Meet the Characters

Among our participating players, NPCs and creative team characters will be involved to help drive the story along.


We use Nightblade.Echo's House of the Silent Magnifico

After a long career on the wrong side of the law, the smuggler Aram decided to try his luck as a proper businessman instead. The retired captain has leveraged his contacts throughout Tamriel to create a lucrative shipping and transport company, which he runs out of a warehouse above the Sentinel market. However, Sentinel's criminal underground knows the old captain's shipping business is anything but legitimate.

But in a more recent turn of events, a rival organization has moved in on his territory, resulting in his assassination at the hands of the Dark Brotherhood. It remains to be seen if his legacy will endure...


Nuzhimeh is used to represent Yaneh.

Prior to the death of her father, Captain Aram, Yaneh handled day-to-day business of the old captain's shipping/smuggling operation. As her older brother Kamin was also killed in the same feud that took her father, the leadership of Aram's business has fallen to her. The tough persona she'd cultivated running the Three Legged Mare speakeasy will be put to the test as she attempts to hold her father's business together!


Viera Curio had worked for Captain Aram for several years, only gaining her own ship fairly recently. Surviving the underworld turf war has won her a lot of trust with Captain Aram, and in turn his heiress, Yaneh. Now, she must help secure Aram's family business against further attacks from their shadowy competitor.


Who Can Join?

Black Banner is more beneficial for rogue type characters with questionable morals and little fear of working on the wrong side of the law.

To participate in adventures, you must be available on Wednesday evenings between 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM EST, however some events may lock by 10:00 PM EST for progression purposes.

Recruitment Nights

Recruitment opportunities will be always be available on Tuesday nights at the Three Legged Mare (Nightblade.Echo's House of the Silent Magnifico). The Three Legged Mare is a hidden speakeasy where outlaws, cutthroats, and wastrels can conduct their business away from the watchful eyes of the city guard. It is based out of warehouse, operated by Captain Aram as part of his lucrative shipping and transport company. The warehouse itself is ICLY located in the city of Sentinal in Alik'r Desert.

But in order to begin, your character MUST have learned this important passphrase just to gain entry to the gathering area:

"I am here/I wish to see the Three Legged Mare".

A Khajiit NPC is stationed by the door. He is the one that you will need to tell the passphrase to. Your character may have learned the passphrase through having some sort of dealing with local pirates, smugglers, or other shady sorts enough to be trusted to keep the secret of The Three Legged Mare.


How Events are Structured

Black Banner will begin with a two-part prelude scheduled for February 1st and February 2nd to both set the tone for the new season as well as preview its structure to new participants. Over the next several weeks, players can expect up to five recruitment and adventures pairs. Again, recruitment takes place on Tuesday nights. The adventures are scheduled for Wednesday nights.

Upon Black Banner's conclusion for its third season, a epilogue event will be scheduled.


Signing Up for the First Time

Before you begin, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a member of our Discord.

  • You have participated in at least ONE recruitment event at the Three Legged Mare. These events occur on Tuesday evenings around 8:30 PM EST. If you are unable to make it to a recruitment event, please contact TheBobbyLlama.

  • You have a character sheet in ESO Rollplay. No, you don't have to take the time to fill out an entire profile. All we need are your stats, as displayed on the right. This helps us keep combat scenes fair and balanced. If your character's race is playable in Rollplay, they can be signed up for guild roleplay.

  • You have taken the time to read over the guild's rules for members, as well as our information regarding roleplay event formatting. By signing up for our events, you are agreeing to our rules.

If requirements are met, you will receive the "Roleplayer" role in-game and "Curio's Crew" role in Discord. Sign-up posts will be made several hours in advance in rp-sign-up for recruitment nights and the black-banner channel for story events. Both channels can be found under the "Guild Events" category in Discord. Please read the information provided in the post carefully and respond with the appropriate emoji reaction to secure your slot.

This guide will be updated regularly to reflect changes that will occur throughout the story's duration.