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Recruit Guide: Dreamstride (2022)

Updated: Apr 23

Warning! Dreamstride is a dark storyline that relies on aspects of psychological horror and traumatic events. Some scenes can be graphic in nature, often depicting scenes of heavy gore and extreme violence.


Dreamstride is a lore-friendly Vaermina themed story hosted by Nightblade.Echo every Saturday between 8:30 PM and 12:00 AM EST beginning on February 5th, 2022. This will be the second and final season for this storyline. Dreamstride is planned to end the first week of April but there will be plenty of opportunities to join in throughout its duration. There are 9 individual events planned with 8 scheduled Tavern Nights dedicated for recruitment purposes.

In this guide, we will explain the core aspects and requirements for Dreamstride to help you prepare for your first sign-up. If you have questions or concerns that aren't covered in the guide, please contact Nightblade.Echo in-game or in Discord.


Table of Contents

  1. Who is Dreynos Davel?

  2. Meet the Characters

  3. Who Can Join?

  4. How Events are Structured

  5. Signing Up for the First Time


Who is Dreynos Davel?

"People of Wayrest! The magnificent Dreynos Davel will be at The Wyrm's Rest to cure your maladies of the mind! Join him on Sunday for a séance to enhance your mental wellbeing! (Results not guaranteed. Payment required in advance.)"
A player created version of Dreynos in PTS

Dreynos was an eccentric Dark Elf occultist that was originally contracted by The Wyrm's Rest of Wayrest to perform weekly séances and other "healing" rituals to aid those with troubled minds. While he claimed that his sessions were to help conquer fears and teach valuable lessons to "enhance" one's mental wellbeing, the results proved to be anything but.

From past trauma to the crushing weight of doubt and insecurity, Dreynos forced those that approached his table to "walk" through their own worst nightmares in search of the perfect Fear.

He vanished after his final séance in Wayrest was disrupted by a small group of adventures, when he was exposed to be a cultist of Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dreams and Nightmares. He is thought to have been bound by a contract with one of Vaermina's very own Dremora servants, and some even believed that he was murdered by these Daedra.

However, after several months since the events in Wayrest, reports have risen from Senchal in Southern Elsweyr. Some patrons of The Sweet Breezes Inn were found sitting around a table in a deep slumber, unable to wake. Sources claim that the victims came into contact with a traveling healer, one that promised to "take" their troubles away through a strange ritual. They have been placed under the care of a local priest, one striving to find a cure for their ailment.

Council-cat Tsrabi of The Wyrm's Vigil and Rhys Vanhart need your help investigating what locals in Senchal call a "sleeping sickness" in hopes of finally locating Dreynos and putting a stop to his horrific craft.


Meet the Characters

Among our participating players, NPCs and creative team characters will be involved to help drive the story along.

Sereyne houseguest represents Tsrabi

Tsrabi is the most recent addition to the governing council of The Wyrm's Vigil, a secretive organization dedicated to combating threats to Tamriel. She is a young Alfiq from Pellitine that has been in service to The Vigil for over a year, originally working for the former councilman Valrik in order to pay off a debt amassed through an old gambling habit. Tsrabi is known to be an expert in portal magic, marking her as an essential asset for her organization.

But before her involvement with Valrik and The Vigil, she was a mischievous mage from Senchal that was abandoned in her early kittenhood. A kind priest of S'rendarr, the Khajiit Dro'dra, took part in raising her. He was the one that tutored her in the art of thaumaturgy and portal magic.

As associates of The Vigil investigated Dreynos Davel at the behest of Rhys Vanhart, Tsrabi was taken by surprise when her former mentor was marked as a person of interest. Because of this she has decided to make her first official move as a council-cat by overseeing the operation. She is offering a reward of ten-thousand Drakes to any and all adventurers willing to not only put a stop to Dreynos, but to help cure those suffering from the sleeping sickness.


Rhys Vanhart belongs to Nightblade.Echo

Rhys Vanhart was the original proprietor of The Wyrm’s Rest tavern business, but his history with the Vigil remains murky at best. He personally manages the taverns in Wayrest and Rawl'kha, the oldest establishments in his former business. He was also one of several that had participated in Davel's twisted séances some months ago in Wayrest.

Ever since Dreynos disappeared from Wayrest, Rhys has made an effort in tracking his location through various means. The Vigil has decided to aid him in his pursuit for Dreynos, likely due to Tsrabi's personal history with Senchal and the Khajiiti priest Dro'dara. He and Tsrabi are now working together to help put a permanent stop to Dreynos Davel's madness.

Rhys Vanhart is the primary quest giver for Dreamstride. Though he will not be assisting you directly with your journey, he will do what he can to send help your way each week by using his position at The Wyrm's Rest.

A player created version of Dro'dara in PTS

Dro’dara is an elderly Khajiit priest residing in Senchal, the capital of Pellitine. Victims of a “sleeping sickness” have been left in his care, and he has been working tirelessly in seeking a cure for their ailment. Unfortunately due to his old age and failing eyesight, he requires assistance with this endeavor.

As a devout of S'rendarr, Dro'dara will react negatively to lycanthropes, vampires, necromancers, and Daedra worshippers that blatantly reveal their nature to him. However due to the severity of the situation in Senchal, he will allow their presence--albeit with a considerate amount of distrust.

Dro'dara will be represented by the "M'aiq the Liar" houseguest during events. You will be able to find him inside Nightblade.Echo's Lucky Cat Landing.


Who Can Join?

Anyone will be able to join Dreamstride 2022, though it will be more beneficial for characters in the neutral to good alignment range. You will need to be available on Saturdays from 8:30 PM until 11:30 PM EST to participate in adventure sessions. However, some events may lock by 10:00 PM EST for progression purposes.

Recruitment Nights

As the story takes place in Southern Elsweyr, the "Dreamstride" quest will be available for pick up on Thursday evenings at our Dominion themed taverns: The Wyrm’s Rest of Rawl’kha or The Wyrm’s Rest of Skywatch. Your character does NOT need to be affiliated with the Aldmeri Dominion, nor do they need to be residents of a Dominion zone.

It can be assumed that great efforts were made to lure adventurers to either tavern location, albeit through posters and various fliers, or through word of mouth. That means even if your character frequents a zone outside Reaper's March or Auridon, it is likely that they would have found a lead regarding this quest.

Quest Pick-Up Locations:

  • Rawl'kha - Cross the bridge to your left as you enter Nightblade.Echo's Serenity Falls Estate.

  • Skywatch - The courtyard of Nightblade.Echo's Mathiisen Manor. Go behind the manor.

Do keep in mind that our taverns will remain open to the general public for those that only wish to engage in casual walk-up friendly RP with their peers. Guild members and their associated company will be barred from quest pick-up locations to prevent disturbances from occurring.

The first recruitment night is scheduled for February 3rd at our Rawl'kha location (Nightblade.Echo's Serenity Falls Estate).


How Events are Structured

Dreamstride 2022 is set for an 9-week schedule with five meeting periods and four adventures. Players involved with the story will remain in Southern Elsweyr throughout the duration of the plotline with Nightblade.Echo’s Lucky Cat Landing serving as their primary base.

Here is an outline:

  • Week One: Prologue

  • Week Two: Adventure session

  • Week Three: Meeting session

  • Week Four: Adventure session

  • Week Five: Interlude

  • Week Six: Adventure session

  • Week Seven: Meeting session

  • Week Eight: Adventure session

  • Week Nine: Epilogue (Private event/No recruitment)

There are no open world events planned for Dreamstride 2022. Like last year, all adventures will take place in privately owned locations. Members that are present for at least two out of the four adventure sessions will be rewarded in-game with 10,000 gold.


Signing Up for the First Time

Before you begin, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a member of our Discord.

  • You have participated in at least ONE recruitment event at either The Wyrm's Rest of Rawl'kha or Skywatch. These events occur on Thursday evenings around 8:30 PM EST. If you are unable to make it to a recruitment event, please contact Nightblade.Echo.

  • You have a character sheet in ESO Rollplay. No, you don't have to take the time to fill out an entire profile. All we need are your stats, as displayed on the right. This helps us keep combat scenes fair and balanced. If your character's race is playable in Rollplay, they can be signed up for guild roleplay.

  • You have taken the time to read over the guild's rules for members, as well as our information regarding roleplay event formatting. By signing up for our events, you are agreeing to our rules.

If requirements are met, you will receive the "Roleplayer" role in-game and the "Dreamstrider" role in Discord. Sign-up posts will be made several hours in advance in rp-sign-up for recruitment nights and the dreamstride channel for story events. Both channels can be found under the "Guild Events" category in Discord. Please read the information provided in the post carefully and respond with the appropriate emoji reaction to secure your slot.

This guide will be updated regularly to reflect changes that will occur throughout the story's duration.