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[Archived] Recruit Guide: Our Main Plotline

Updated: Jan 26

Since the beginning of last year, The Wyrm's Rest has taken a different approach in handling it's core RP storyline. We want our members to feel immersed in the game's current events through roleplay, and this year? Our focus is Blackwood. If you are new to the guild's RP environment, or if you have decided to join in on the year long adventure ICLY with us, this guide has been created for you!

  1. A Year in Blackwood

  2. Meeting the Characters

  3. Who are YOU in the Storyline?

  4. How We Structure the Story

  5. Signing Up For Your First Event

  6. Player Collaborations

A Year in Blackwood

The Blackwood chapter might have been released in June of this year, but our team of players have been actively involved with its themes since April. They have escaped their prison, gathered allies, performed investigations and battled Daedra and cultists alike. But their story is far from over, and with the emergence of a great threat, they can use all the help they can find.

Currently, the timeline of our story takes place AFTER the main events of the Blackwood chapter in Q2. Owning Blackwood is only required IF we have an open world event in the zone itself. Those particular events will be labeled during the sign up period. Because of this, completion of the chapter's main questline is only a recommendation rather than an actual requirement.

We will be up front that exposure to spoilers is a possibility. As hard as we try to avoid referencing huge events that take place in the game during Q2, there are some themes and topics we can't completely dance around when building our own guild canon for the chapter.

Meeting the Characters

During this plotline, you will encounter a variety of guild-created NPCs that will either aid you in your adventure, or actively work against you. They are represented with the use of "markers", often in the form of houseguests or other assistants. They can sometimes appear in the form of another player, though this is a rare occurrence .

You might meet unnamed NPCs that are neutral or friendly during certain events that can be adoptable concepts depending on the hosting DM. If you are interested in adopting a NPC for your own roster, you are encouraged to get in contact with the NPC's creator.

Our named NPCs play prominent roles in this year's story. Here are the ones you should become familiar with as you prepare to sign up for your first main story event:

A created representation of Valrik in PTS.

Valrik is a Nord in service to an order in Cyrodiil he refers to as "The Vigil". His personal involvement with investigating the Order of the Waking Flame only began after receiving word that his niece Freir had been kidnapped. He provided his younger brother Styn with allies and other necessary resources to track down and rescue Freir and her fellow prisoners from the clutches of the Order. When news of Freir's death fell upon him, Valrik began making arrangements for a more long term investigation in Blackwood in hopes of preventing such horrors from happening again. But when his brother was murdered not long after, Valrik outright declared war with the Order.

All his time and resources are dedicated towards the effort to combat against the Dagon cultists that terrorize Tamriel, and he views Disastrix Urzotha as his arch enemy.

Unlike his late brother, Valrik doesn't form attachments with his subordinates or hirelings, and it is safe to assume views those similar to his own rank in a similar manner. He has no love for those that worship Daedra, and he is very vocal in regards to his apparent hatred towards Reachmen. He will tolerate the presence of vampires and lycanthropes for the sake of his own means, but he doesn't shy away from making his distaste for them known.

The houseguest "Prince Irnskar" is his token during RP events located within players homes.

A created representation of Jeanni in PTS

Jeanni is a Redguard allied with The Wyrm's Vigil, and she answers to Valrik directly. She serves as his mouth piece when he cannot be present, taking up the role to organize and lead field missions regarding cultist activity in Blackwood. She has a strong sense of duty and a need to accomplish her goals, but she doesn't necessarily try to force her expectations on others. She is weary of lycanthropes and vampires. However, so long as supernaturals share the same goals and interests of The Wyrm's Vigil, she tolerates them until they can eventually win her trust.

The merchant assistant "Nuzhimeh" is her token during roleplay events, both in player homes and open world settings.

"Sereyne" is Tsrabi's marker in player homes.

Tsrabi is an Alfiq that has traveled with Jeanni for quite some time, but her association with the Valrik and The Wyrm's Vigil is one bound by a strict contract rather than choice. Tsrabi is working to pay off a massive debt accumulated by her horrible gambling addiction. Her talents in portal magic make her a valuable asset to both her organization and the team operating under Valrik and Jeanni's leadership. Unfortunately, it seems she doesn't have much else to offer in the field aside from occasional moral support during trying times. As openly trusting as she is towards strangers, including that of lycanthropes and vampires, she is very skittish and quick to flee from dangerous encounters. She can, however, be easily bribed with food--especially fishy sticks.

A created representation of Veril in PTS

Veril Nerano is a Dark Elf and an associate of both Jeanni and Tsrabi. It was recently revealed by Valrik that Veril is in charge of researching the dark rituals performed by the Order of the Waking Flame, particularly those conducted by Disastrix Urzotha and her cell. He has a very reserved nature in comparison to his companions, and he prefers to stay away from field missions when possible. Veril is said to be a skilled mage with a preference for Restoration magic, and when paired with his knowledge of first aid, his presence is more essential than he likes to admit. He is nervous around vampires and werewolves open about their nature.

The houseguest "Acolyte Deras Arelas" is his marker during RP events that take place within player homes.

A created representation of Urzotha in PTS

Disastrix Urzotha, formerly known as the "Masked Cultist", is an Orc in service to the Order of the Waking Flame. In addition to commanding a sect of straggling cultists from the aftermath of their defeat at Fort Redmane, she has been known to call upon Iron Atronachs to perform her bidding. Her true identity was revealed after Jeanni's team of adventurers braved a Doom Vault and discovered written clues regarding who she was and her supposed intentions. Before, she presented herself in dark robes and a mask resembling that of a Daemon, with her real face only being revealed in brief while under the guise as an ally to Jeanni's organization. Urzotha is viciously sadistic and responsible for numerous kidnappings throughout Tamriel. Most of Jeanni's current team were prisoners rescued from Urzotha and her cultists.

Her prisoners are either sacrificed to Mehrunes Dagon or used in twisted rituals as she seeks to create a "powerful weapon" of some kind. It is said that she is in possession of an "artifact" that is used as a tool for those rituals. Unfortunately, no clues have been found yet to identify what that artifact could be, only that she needs additional founts of Magicka to further source the power of those rituals for the creation of a "weapon".

The houseguest "Narboth" is her marker during RP events that take place within player homes.


Who are YOU in the Storyline?

The short answer? Who you want to be!

During the prologue phase of our Blackwood story, players selected a character to be captured by the Order of the Waking Flame. This went into building a dynamic early on, as some of these characters didn't get along but were driven by the same goal--survival. It proved to be a successful approach, and as a result, the door has remained open for similar opportunities.

Your role for the long term is that of an adventurer working within a team. Your means of introduction, and how you will be integrated into the team, can depend on your answers to the following questions:

  1. Is your character in Blackwood? If so, why? If not, where would they be realistically?

  2. How does your character feel about Daedric cults? Would they be willing to fight back against one?

If you are unsure of how to answer those questions now, or if you feel like your answers aren't in line with Blackwood's themes, don't worry--there is hope yet!

Supernaturals, necromancers, and some Daedric worshippers can be (and have been) mixed into our group of otherwise normal adventurers. So long as there is a firm understanding that IC is to remain IC, and that there is always the potential for inter-party conflicts as a result of these differences and consequences to character actions, integrating your character within the group's current dynamic won't feel like a hassle.

Entering a campaign in progress can be intimidating for anyone regardless of their experience level with roleplay. We have taken this into account and aim to offer solutions to help new recruits and beginner level roleplayers ease into our main arc:

Event shadowing is participating in guild roleplay with the intention of only spectating throughout the duration. You are an observer of the event, and you will not be actively roleplaying. We allow this for most of our RP events to help people gauge the environment or learn how to RP in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you are in our Discord, you can react to our sign up sheets with an :eye: emoji to notify us that you will join as an observer. Keep in mind that this will not always be an option, and those events will be specified during the sign up phase.

For beginner roleplayers or new recruits to the guild, active participation in a Thursday event can also help with gauging the environment while allowing you the opportunity to interact ICLY in a controlled environment. Certain Tavern Nights may be used to promote core storylines, including our Blackwood plot. The purpose of this is to inform you AND your character of lore-friendly happenings within guild canon in order to provide more organic direction.

If you have a concept in mind, or if you were allowed to adopt a concept from one of our unnamed NPCs, the introduction phase for your character will depend on the amount of time the Creative Team has to prepare. Because of this, it is recommended you notify Nightblade.Echo, TheBobbyLlama, or L337VV4ff135 as soon as you are comfortable participating in your first main story event as a roleplayer. By default, the NPC Jeanni will introduce your character to the rest of the party during a down period by using what information you are willing to provide. If no information was given, your character will be assumed to be another "rescued prisoner" brought to the base. This is why if you want something better tailored, you need to let one of the writers know ahead of time and be willing to collaborate on an idea.

How We Structure the Story

Our Blackwood storyline is scheduled primarily for Saturday evenings between 8:00PM and 12:00AM EST, with Wednesday nights serving as a secondary option if necessary with similar timeframes. You can stay up to date with our weekly schedule by checking the home page of the website.

The storyline is split into two different phases: the more casual "down time" phase, and the adventure phase. This is to allow room for new character introductions, relationship building, and breathers between adventures. A Rollplay session will be open for most adventure phases, so make sure you have a sheet ready!

While the story is heavily themed around the Blackwood chapter, players might find themselves involved with missions outside the zone and facing other threats while performing investigations or seeking new alliances.

This is a collaboration effort between the Creative Team, meaning there can be a different DM controlling the event each week.

Signing Up for Your First Event

Before you begin, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a member of our Discord. Sign up takes place in the event-sign-up channel under the "Guild Roleplay" category UNLESS it is a private event.

  • You have a character sheet in ESO Rollplay. No, you don't have to take the time to fill out an entire profile. All we need are your stats, as displayed on the right. This helps us keep combat scenes fair and balanced. If your character's race is playable in Rollplay, they can be signed up for guild roleplay. It is encouraged that you display your levels of consent (eg. "No death") somewhere for the event host to see.

  • You have taken the time to read over the guild's rules for members, as well as our information regarding roleplay event formatting. By signing up to our events, you are agreeing to our rules.

Sign up posts are made several hours before the time of the event. Please read the information provided in the post carefully and respond with the appropriate emoji reaction to secure your slot. First time sign ups will receive the "Adventurer" role in Discord to access the private blackwood-rp channel for further discussion, or to sign up for private events when they occur.

Player Collaborations

Unlike our Greymoor story, which featured a more linear pattern of progression in its duration, this year's main arc leaves plenty of opportunities for the players to get involved in their own stand alone episodes due to the variety of character backgrounds on the roster. As long as consent is given to the Creative Team AND enough information is provided ahead of time, there can be an episode style event tied into the main arc that revolves around your character and their conflict so long as it falls in line with the themes we're working with.

This is a good way for players already established in the main arc to introduce a new character as well, since it helps the Creative Team maintain flow within the story in a more organic manner while accommodating our current roster.

If this is something that interests you, you can contact Nightblade.Echo, 1337VV4ff135, or TheBobbyLlama to present your idea. Please give us at least two weeks notice, since we typically have our roadmap preplanned and ready for progression before every Blackwood event.