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TWR Updates for 2022

Updated: Jan 17

2020 was a big year for The Wyrm’s Rest. It was when we decided to center our core storyline around the year-long chapters. We also formed our own Creative Team later that summer to brainstorm ideas that would later develop to become ESO Rollplay with the help of TheBobbyLlama.

Alongside our "main story", we chose to host smaller plotlines in order to provide even more opportunities for our members, as The Wyrm's Rest has always been promoted as a variety RP guild without a singular theme. These small plotlines, while connected to our guild's canon, didn't have direct association with the main story. We wanted to be flexible. All inclusive.

But not all of our plans for 2020 were perfect. Far from it, in fact. The inconveniences and flaws associated with our own year-long story approach in roleplay revealed themselves by 2021. As the year went on with Greymoor, our roleplay events gradually became more and more closed off and difficult for new players to join. Later events in the arc felt almost like carbon copies of the actual material experienced in the game itself.

After the reveal of Blackwood in 2021, we aimed to change up our formula by following a method introduced by TheBobbyLlama with his Black Banner storyline: One week for recruitment and rest, and one week for the adventure itself. With this new rotation in place, our players had more time to form more organic relationships between characters, creating party dynamics between friends and even rivals.

We would even go as far as writing our own lore-friendly subplots to deviate a bit from Blackwood's main questline in ESO. However by Q3 in 2021, it became clear that it didn't matter how often we tried to improve our original plan. We would still be at the mercy of Zenimax and their long periods of silence regarding important story information between Q2 and Q4. There are only so many gaps that we can fill in on our own, and we never wanted to run the risk of running off the road and completely missing the mark with a chapter's conclusion.

In addition, a year-long storyline is a huge commitment to expect from our members, and such commitments can lead to other problems such as lack of interest and burnout.

So now in 2022, just a short couple weeks away from the next big chapter reveal, we are here to announce that we will no longer continue with year-long story events. As a variety-RP guild, we will be taking more traditional approaches instead.


Restructuring Our Roleplay Events

To make this all happen as smooth as possible, we have decided to return to our very roots from all the way back to 2017, during the very first attempt at The Wyrm's Rest. We have both the direction and organization skills that we lacked back then, and we feel confident that this will be the best for everyone involved in our guild.

Introducing the Vigil

When the original proprietor of The Wyrm's Rest decided to open the first tavern out of his childhood home in Wayrest, he was involved with a secret organization based in Cyrodiil known as "The Wyrm's Vigil". Bound by a contract and under the promise of using his business to aid this organization with their cause, Rhys Vanhart opened his doors to...

Well, use it for his own needs. What else? It didn't matter that he might have found some inspiration with their name, or if they had motives to keep the people of Tamriel safe during a time of numerous crises. And the contract? What contract?

Nope. It didn't matter at all. The Wyrm's Rest of Wayrest opened, drawing in those much needed adventurers with lucrative opportunities involving treasure hunts and bounties. The contract went ignored, and even after later openings across Tamriel, the Vigil seemed to just let whatever happened, happen.

Until now.

With Tamriel continuously falling into despair by the hands of invading Daedric Princes and their fanatical cultists, as well as the sudden return of dragons and ancient vampires, the Vigil needs all the help it can find. With their own campaign in Blackwood coming close to an end, they sent representatives to force the current owners of The Wyrm's Rest tavern business into honoring a contract formed long ago.

But beyond that that, not much is known about the Vigil as they are not recognized as part of the Guild Act. They are rumored to be controlled by a council of five influential members, but though they might have Tamriel's best intentions in mind, everyone has an agenda of their own. And these personal agendas just might affect you.

Our events will always connect back to the Vigil in some way. You might work for them. You might work against them, sometimes unintentionally. And, you may even find yourself caught in the middle of their own in-fighting.

They are the Creative Team's solution of maintaining our promise of variety RP to fit the needs of all playstyles and experience levels. We hope to have more lore information about them available to you soon, though you won't need this sort of information to understand what is to come. This is all in the name of world building for more immersive experiences!

Tavern Nights

With the Vigil assuming direct control, our tavern system will once again serve as primary quest hubs and recruitment areas for future plotlines and one-off adventures moving forward. The Wyrm's Rest owns six privately-owned taverns operated out of player homes that belong to Nightblade.Echo.

The "Three Legged Mare", which is Nightblade.Echo's House of the Silent Magnifico, is a separate hub that serves as the recruitment area for Black Banner. You may also find Captain Curio present here with outlaw themed one-off adventures. The Vigil has no control of this location.

"The Drunken Frog", or Nightblade.Echo's Stay-Moist Mansion, may also return for certain storylines involving Blackwood or Black Marsh. It was once used as a safehouse for people in service to the Vigil. It will be managed by either NPCs or Gyrard Notte.

Tavern Nights will be hosted every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on February 1st. Tuesday serves as a public recruitment period for storylines reserved for Wednesdays. Likewise, Thursday aims to push players towards our Saturday RP events. Most storylines will have at least two taverns chosen as their primary recruiting locations, so if you see certain taverns scheduled more often than the others, it is intentionally done this way.

It is worth mentioning that the stand-in host for a select Tavern Night might not be the same individual hosting the storyline they are advertising. They are simply a quest giver pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Members that RVSP during the sign-up period will still be allowed to engage in casual, walk-up friendly roleplay without having to involve themselves in a particular storyline. You may also use Tavern Nights to shadow RP to get a better feel for our environment.

Returning Storylines

While the Creative Team already has several stories lined up for 2022, we will begin by bringing back Black Banner for it's third season and Dreamstride for its final season.

Black Banner is a pirate-themed storyline hosted by TheBobbyLlama for characters "comfortable" with working on the wrong side of the law. On Tuesdays, starting on February 1st until March 15th(?), recruitment for Black Banner will take place at the Three Legged Mare. Adventure sessions will take place on Wednesdays. The first two events planned for Black Banner will be prelude sessions to help preview what players can expect from this story.

Dreamstride is a Vaermina themed story hosted by Nightblade.Echo for characters interested in fighting against Daedric Cults and/or ruining all of their nefarious plans. Unlike it's 2021 installment where it focused more on individual player-characters, it will tell its own story in Southern Elsweyr. Recruitment will take place on Thursdays starting on February 3rd and rotate between The Wyrm's Rest of Rawl'kha and Skywatch until March 17th. Progression days will take place on Saturdays.

Both of these events will be completely open to everyone in the guild, even if you weren't able to participate in previous seasons. Progression days are split into two parts: meeting phases for in-character planning and discussion, and then the adventures themselves. Unlike Tavern Night, which targets individuals outside a storyline, meeting phases for Progression focus on players already involved with the story to give them opportunity to build connections with other characters and form dynamics.

Black Banner is the one unique case to this lineup as it may sometimes incorporate its meeting phase with its Tuesday recruitment period for an even more streamlined experience.

One-off Adventures

Things happen. We're all adults with our own lives. Because of that, sometimes we may have to cancel an event. There may also be down periods between storylines as hosts switch around and prepare for a new schedule. When either of these things happen, another member of the Creative Team may step in to offer supplementary RP through a one-off adventure. No commitments. No strings attached. Just something random for fun.

When we have a better feel of our new schedule, we will allow our own members outside the Creative Team to advertise for their own one-off adventures. For example, our member Wraithsorrow has shown interest in organizing a "Monster of the Week" event for select nights.

If you have any ideas of your own, you may contact Nightblade.Echo or TheBobbyLlama to pitch your idea. We will look to accommodate our aspiring guild hosts in the near future. We will have additional information available to you once the Team comes to an official agreement on how we should handle these type of requests.


Additional Changes

  • Guild rules regarding the bank have changed. You can view them here.

  • We will no longer be hosting weekly PvP. Members will instead be redirected to TheBobbyLlama's preferred PvP guild, Disenfranchised. You can find more information under the "Support & LFG" category in our Discord server.

  • We will no longer be hosting weekly "advanced" PvE. Every Monday from now on, we will schedule beginner-friendly PvE events on a bi-weekly rotation between random normal dungeons and zone exploration.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Nightblade.Echo directly in The Elder Scrolls Online or through our Discord server. A recording of Tuesday's meeting has been included here for those of you that missed it. Thank you for considering us for your ESO experience. We look forward to what 2022 and the new chapter have in store.

January 16th, 2022: Tavern hosts have been edited due to changes in the Creative Team.