Rules For Guild Staff

Regardless of what the position itself entails, there is a list of expectations that must be upheld when communicating and interacting with members of our guild.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Discord is required for all Guild Staff.

  • Showing patience and understanding, no matter the situation.  This is one of the most important "requirements" to be on one of our teams.  Without a level headed approach or the ability to empathize with a member or members in the guild, the leader or team member in question is doomed to fail.  Some situations can be frustrating, but all matters MUST be handled professionally.  (For Support:  Despite not being in actual Leadership, this team is still expected to treat other members in a respectful manner or risk expulsion from their position.)

  • Accepting personal responsibility and taking the initiative.  While members in the Creative Team look to their Leads for approval or confirmation on their projects and events, there are tasks that everyone needs to be able to handle independently without having to rely on the GM.  This includes filling in for certain positions, such as event hosting.  

  • Understanding that when it comes to events, the needs of our members come first.  Being flexible and displaying the ability to adapt to certain situations is crucial in a community focused guild.

  • "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Don't give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end." - This proverb can arguably be applied into several things we do in the guild, and it does tie back into being patient.  Not every event will be a success, usually due to lack of attendance at a given time or day, and it can be discouraging at times.  If something doesn't work for one reason or another, go back to the drawing board to see what can be improved upon.  Being able to accept constructive criticism and adapting to member feedback is very important in situations like this, as well as taking note of outside factors that could contribute to low or non-existent event attendance.  

We understand that this is just a guild in The Elder Scrolls Online, but we still take professionalism and presentation very seriously.  We want all of our members to feel like they are in a safe and comfortable environment to play the game they enjoy with a familiar community.  Going the extra mile is something we strive for, and giving back to the community that helped us get this far as a guild is of grand importance.

It should go without saying that our leadership and our support team are two separate entities, and while everything listed above applies to both groups in some shape or form, each team has a separate list of rules and responsibilities.  As an example, those marked as "support" do NOT manage the guild or its members.  Their jobs are mostly behind the scenes or during select event nights, and they do not have the tools or role privileges to handle recruitment via Guild Finder or deal with member related situations on the spot.  Those are the responsibilities of Guild Leadership.

Rules for Leadership

  • If a rule is broken in either the in-game Guild Chat or in the Discord, it must be dealt with in a fair and unbiased manner.  GMs and officers should use the color codings provided in the rules page to make their judgement.  If they are entirely unsure how to proceed, they will discuss the matter with someone else in Leadership and let them take over.

  • Everything must be recorded and archived in the form of screenshots or video, regardless of whether it happened in-game or in Discord.

  • Gold stored in the guild bank isn't there for personal use.  If gold is withdrawn, it MUST be used for a member in the guild in the form of assistance or a raffle prize, or for one of the RP hubs.  

​If a member of Leadership breaks a colored rule listed in the rules page, or one of the rules listed above, they will be demoted back to a regular member of the guild and could face a potential ban of their own depending on the severity of the offense.  A position in Guild Leadership is not a real life authority role.  It is a privilege in a video game setting that includes a set of responsibilities and tasks necessary to manage a community of people.  Anyone on the team that is caught abusing that privilege for personal gain or other malicious intentions will be removed, as we do not need those types of individuals representing our guild.

Rules for the Creative Team

  • While members of the team have their own assigned roles (ex. support writer, journalist, ect.), group collaborations are strongly encouraged.  No one should be working alone on a large scale project.  

  • Unless it is your personal project, do not reveal details regarding other Creative Team projects to members of the guild without consent.  

As stated previously, the Creative Team is not a branch of leadership in the guild.  They do not have the authority to tell other members what to do, and they do not have the role permissions to manage members within the guild.  They function more as support for the guild master and officers, working behind the scenes most of the time in developing tools or brainstorming ideas that could be implemented into The Wyrm's Rest's weekly roleplay events.  If someone from the Creative Team is crossing boundaries by trying to moderate our members rather than reporting a problem to someone that actually has the permissions to handle the situation in an appropriate manner, they could potentially be removed from the team AND the guild depending on the severity of the matter.