Rules & Requirements

There are no official requirements to join this guild, and we do not require character interviews before you participate in guild roleplay.   We do ask that all of our active members join our Discord server to keep up to date with changes and event schedules, and that roleplayers within the guild have an add-on like Port to Friend’s House or Essential Housing Tools to access RP hubs while Nightblade.Echo is offline. 


Recruits from Guild Finder will go through a probation period of 72 hours before being promoted to "Member".  We allow up to 8 months of total inactivity without Discord communication before removing our members from the roster.  However, ALL members that remain inactive for 12 months will still be removed.  Those removed for inactivity will be allowed to stay in the Discord, and they can return to the guild if they choose to do so.

Rules marked in red text will land an immediate permanent ban and blacklist if they are violated.  While violating the other rules can result in warnings and short term consequences,  rules marked in purple text could ALSO result in a temporary bans with longer durations depending on the severity of the violation(s).  A "Three Strike" rule system is in place, meaning after your third offense, violated rules with or without the purple text will result in permanent bans and blacklisting.  Infractions are archived and will "roll off" after three months. These rules don't ask for much and should be very easy to follow, so it's only natural we deal with these violations in a strict manner.

Guild Chat Rules
(For in-game and Discord)

  1. Respect everyone and their differences.  Bullying and hate speech will NOT be tolerated in any form.  We are a LGBT friendly guild that welcomes everyone into our ranks regardless of their race, culture, or orientation.  Anyone that violates this rule will be permanently banned and black listed with zero exceptions or the opportunity to appeal the ban.


  2. Sexual harassment, stalking, and predatory behaviors will NOT be tolerated.  


  3. No drama - This means no malicious personal attacks or call-outs.  If you have a problem with another member in the guild, report the issue to the GM or an officer.


  4. Unless it is related to The Elder Scrolls lore, there will be no discussion of politics or highly controversial topics.


  5. All content must be safe for work. (Our #swit-posts channel in Discord is marked "NSFW" due to suggestive memes and is one of the only places where some NSFW material can be posted safely, but it's still not a place for you to share your porn collection.)


  6. Do not spam any guild related chats or channels, and do not self-promote without the permission of the GM or an Officer.  If you are a streamer, you can ask Nightblade.Echo to include you on the Streamcord notification list.


  7. Do not self-moderate or play as a stand in for a GM or Officer If you feel like a rule is being broken, do not get involved and potentially get yourself into trouble. Contact the GM or an officer immediately in Discord.


  8. Do not circumvent Guild Leadership to avoid the consequences of your own actions.

If something happens and the GM or Officers aren't online in ESO, please take screenshots or video of the offense and make a report immediately.  Do not try to self-admin or engage with the individual further.  You can contact us in Discord or by sending a DM to our Twitter account.  We cannot take action without solid evidence of the offense. 

The Guild Bank

  1. Everyone with the “Member” rank or higher can deposit AND withdraw items from the guild bank.

  2. Withdrawing Items: Only take what you can use and benefit from immediately.  The daily cap for how much you can withdraw from the Guild Bank is 20 items in a 24 hour period.  If you see something in the bank you desperately need and have reached the daily limit, contact Nightblade.Echo for permission first.  If you exceed the set limit without permission, we will ask you to return those additional items to the guild bank or donate <x> gold in its place.  Refusing to do either will result in demotion back to “Recruit” and have your guild privileges stripped temporarily as the first offense, with being kicked from the guild being next for a second offense.  Theft will be reported to ZoS. 

  3. Item Deposits: We ask that our members only donate items that can be used immediately and not sit in storage for all eternity.  We ONLY allow the following:

    1. Gear items with the Intricate trait

    2. Exemplary items for crafting research

    3. Master writs

    4. Non-event crafting recipes and motif pages* (Do not deposit as stacks!)

    5. Repair kits and crafted META potions, food, and drinks so long as they are deposited in stacks between 20 and 25

    6. Crafting materials

    7. Full soul gems and lockpicks in stacks of 50

      Event items have been banned due to how easy most of them are to obtain in-game, and they are generally the first left to rot in the guild bank.  If you have rarer event items, or if the event in question will be out of season longer than 6 months, please check in with Nightblade.Echo before making bank deposits.  Otherwise, just post in #tradepost in our Discord to see if anyone in the guild is looking for those items.  Thank you!


  4. Banked Gold: Only the GM can withdraw gold stored in our guild funds and will only do so on the behalf of another member in the event of accidental deposits made within a 24 hour period.  Gold donated to the guild bank is used to help furnish our RP hubs.  Certain amounts can be used as prizes for guild contests/raffles, as well as rewards for Adventure events.  Gold can be donated at any time by our members.

Guild Events

These aren't so much rules as they are suggestions.  You're not going to be kicked or banned from the guild for showing up late to an event or anything like that.  Life happens and we understand that.  This is more for the people that are 100% aware that something is taking place and decide they want to show up at the last possible second.  We're just asking for consideration of our teams and members here.


If you intend on participating in one of our scheduled events, please follow directions given on sign-up announcements.  We ask that you are online and ready 15-30 minutes prior to the event’s start time so we can send out group invites.  While we understand that real life can get in the way at times and don’t mind late arrivals, we do have our limits.  Unless stated otherwise in an event description, the cut-off time to join all weekly events is one hour before the scheduled end time.  

As you can imagine, it can be inconvenient for everyone if there are unannounced or late arrivals since it can derail whatever we have planned for the evening.  That said, if we ask you if you are attending an event in a sign-up announcement, mark yourself as “unsure”  if you aren’t 100% certain that you can join the group around the scheduled time.  From there, just communicate with event hosts throughout the day.

Guild Roleplay

Our goal is to promote creativity while maintaining a lore friendly environment for guild roleplay.  We make sure to have plenty of resources available that can be beneficial to those new to TES lore and/or roleplay.  Our rules for roleplay aren’t complicated and SHOULD be easy enough to understand and follow.  An additional color code has been added specifically for this topic.  Green text means no OOC action will be taken because we're not here to gatekeep RP, but there could be realistic, negative IC responses and consequences to take into account.  These rules apply to all members, including DMs and other coordinators:


  1. Create a character sheet in ESO RollPlay.  TheBobbyLlama has developed this system to not only improve the way we handled rolls in RP, but to put character profiles on display outside of Discord.  ESO RollPlay is mandatory for all story focused RP events.  If you are new and coming from a RP realm in World of Warcraft, this is the closest thing we have to a functional "TRP" addon.   

    1. Rollplay exists to maintain a fair balance in combat scenes and to allow players to make full use of their IC skillset in a RP environment.  It provides risk and reward.  It isn't a side game that needs to be won.  You shouldn't deviate from your character's original concept to try to min/max Rollplay skills that are untrue to your visions for the sake of "winning".  If you are unsure of how to set up your character sheet, please get in contact with TheBobbyLlama.

    2. You are allowed to ask the sitting Rollplay GM what the final numbers were if you have a concern.  Rollplay GMs are, however, allowed discretion when handling certain rolls.  Some scenarios simply don't make sense.  As an example, even if you roll a 20+ as a tiny Bosmer to punch a giant in the face, the roll will likely be a failure due to lack of realism.  If you failed something and you need to understand why, they are obligated to explain it to you.

  2. Be considerate of other roleplayers in the guild, including DMs.  No godmodding, metagaming, roleplay bleed, ect.  Do not purposely derail RP events by throwing temper tantrums.  Communication is key, so if you have any questions or concerns (or if you don't understand something that happened in an emote), use an OOC chat between posts.

  3. Unless it is relevant to whatever we're doing (and you accept the consequences for your own IC actions): Vampires, werewolves, Daedra cultists, necromancers, and other “unsavory” types might want to keep their true nature hidden in public areas.  There will be IC consequences in some form.  You cannot expect EVERY character you come in contact with to accept what you are ICLY, so if you're out in the open and making your nature completely obvious to everyone in, let's say, a bar?  It should go without saying that someone might call a guard or try to attack you directly, and neither of those things would be considered "derailment" in that case.  You knew the consequences.

    1. This doesn’t mean these characters are banned from RP events, though.  You can get away with it through the all mighty power of deception if you want to remain undisturbed and enjoy the event without conflict.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your supernatural character, please get in touch with the event's acting host or DM.  

  4. Do not call a character out without the consent of the player UNLESS they made their "situation" painfully obvious (ex: necromancer literally summoned a skeleton in the middle of a bar, or you walked in on a vampire feeding, ect.), as they might not even BE one of those listed things--they're using assets for a specific aesthetic.  If you are unsure about someone else's character, communicate with the other player before acting. Otherwise, it could be considered metagaming and it may cause drama that derails an event.  It also isn't fair to try to force a narrative on another player without their consent.  In the world of RP, a social hobby, the excuse of "That is what my character would do!" falls short when OOC consideration and communication between acting players are required.

Making an Appeal

It should be noted that any and all actions that we take as Leadership is carefully considered with evidence taken into account, and we do keep an archive in the event that a member wants to make an appeal.  If you have your own evidence to counter what was provided to us, or if you have proof that someone in Leadership abused their authority in some way, please email

You should also take into consideration that there is no guarantee that the action taken against you will be overturned unless it is proven that there was no rule violation OR the severity of the punishment didn't add up with the offenses that occurred.  We will always do what is in the best interest for our guild.